Days of Our Lives Round Table: Which Wedding Do You Want to See?


Hope got rid of a bomb, Lani realized she’s pregnant, Brady and Sarah plotted revenge, and Salem was overrun with marriage proposals!

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by DoolFan4Life from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to rate which wedding they really want to see, who they think drugged Abigail, their excitement over Lani’s pregnancy, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Will Kayla accept Justin’s proposal? Do you want her to say yes?

Doolfan4life: I’m guessing she will say yes, and during the wedding, Steve will come charging in at the last minute…. blah blah blah. This has been done before.

I don’t want her to say yes because I’m not a fan of his pairing or of Justin, for that matter. I’m a die-hard Stayla fan, and this reunion is being dragged out way too long. 

Jack: She didn’t seem happy, and I hated the overused trope of Steve lurking around the corner while Justin proposed. But since there’s currently wedding fever in Salem, I would be surprised if she turned Justin down.

I’m fully expecting Steve to declare his love for her at her wedding to Justin at this point.

Christine: I wish there was a little more buildup to all of these proposals. As much as I was always a fan of Steve and Kayla, I think that Kayla and Justin make a better, more realistic, mature couple, and I’d like to see her say yes, and for them to actually get married.

That said, I don’t expect it to happen. Like Jack, I expect Steve to swoop in at the 11th hour and make some heartfelt, romantic declaration and change Kayla’s mind.

Which is more improbable: Hope getting the bomb safely out of the penthouse with only one minute left on the timer or everyone accepting Ciara’s engagement to Ben, a (former) serial killer?

Doolfan4life: What came first, the chicken or the egg? LOL! I think this is a trick question because they are both as improbable as the other.

Jack: Hope getting the bomb safely out of the penthouse was totally ridiculous. It sounded like it went off in the hall, but in the next scene, she was outside with a story of having thrown it in the dumpster. What?

Ciara and Ben’s wedding is too smooth sailing thus far, but considering how many people’s lives Ben has saved recently, it’s not surprising they accept him. This is a soap, after all, where serial killers can become good guys with a few strokes of a writer’s pen.

Christine: That bomb scene was so silly. They were in the penthouse! It would have taken Hope more than the minute left on the timer to get out of the building and find an empty space to get rid of the bomb.

Why not wait until the final few seconds and toss it off the balcony so that it exploded in the air?

As for everyone accepting Ben, it’s nonsense, but the audience is supposed to accept improbable things like Sami falling in love with EJ after he forced himself on her, or Stefan suddenly become a decent guy after being a despicable human being for a year.

If you try and apply regular values to the soap opera world, it will only drive you crazy.

Who do you think really drugged Abigail, and why? (No spoilers, please.)

Doolfan4life: I think Vivian did it, she hates Abby and Gabi, so two birds, one stone. This stunt is up her alley, and she’s diabolical enough to pull something like this.

Jack: I’m still going with Orpheus. He seems to be the replacement villain for Stefano, and if Zoey can randomly have a child he’s kidnapped, then he can drug Abigail for reasons that won’t make sense until they’re revealed.

My other thought was Vivian. She might have drugged Abigail solely to get revenge on Gabi, who she always thought was beneath Stefan.

Christine: Rolf could have somehow gotten it done just to avenge Stefano, as he hated both Abigail and Gabi.

Vivian makes some sense because she could be angry that Gabi gave away Stefan’s heart, and Abigail is simply collateral damage.

I used to think it was Orpheus, but I have no idea what his motivation would be, but then again, I never know what motivates Orpheus.

Lani is pregnant. Rate your excitement from a 1 (I hate this!) to a 10 (This is awesome!)

Doolfan4life: Maybe like a 3. I don’t hate it or anything, but I don’t really care either. Eli and Lani are boring, so I feel like it’s more filler drama than anything.

Jack: I’m giving it a 5. I like the idea of Lani struggling with fear of miscarrying again.

But I HATE the trope of her not realizing she missed her period until she looked at a calendar, and I would prefer this happened after she and Eli were married, and she was trying for a baby with mixed feelings.

Christine: Actually, I found Lani looking at her calendar and realizing she missed her period to be one of the most realistic scenes the show has had in a while.

As for the pregnancy, right now, I rate it as a 5. It could be a compelling story, but I hope the writers balance the fear with moments of joy, or else it could get a bit too depressing to be entertaining.

Brady and Sarah both want revenge against Xander and Victor. What do you think of their methods?

Doolfan4life: Brady’s method is selfish, arrogant, and hypocritical. He’s willing to ruin a company that employs many people and ruin their lives as well, for revenge on Victor.

When do these plans ever work out? He’s not smart enough for one, and he will end up making up with him in the end anyway. 

Sarah’s plan is childish and will likely backfire in some stupid way. Brady doesn’t know how to pretend to be with someone. He’s alone and vulnerable now, so this is a disaster waiting to happen because Kristin will go crazy if she hears about this, whether it is fake or not.

Jack: Yawn. I’m burned out on revenge stories. Someone is always trying to run Titan into the ground (and really, wouldn’t Victor notice if his CEO was making bizarre decisions?) and Brady is always pretending to be in love with someone he’s not, only to fall for them for real.

Christine: Oye. Can we stop all of this now? Salem has way too many revenge plots, and Brady and Sarah are amateurs at it.

Brady is so myopic and self-centered he can’t see that ruining an entire company will hurt hundreds of regular people who had nothing to do with the baby switch.

And while I understand Sarah’s anger and devastation, I wish she could acknowledge that Xander made bad decisions while trying to protect her and Maggie, and he did it at Victor’s behest.

Eli and Lani, Eric and Nicole, Ben and Ciara, and possibly Justin and Kayla are engaged. Which wedding are you most interested in seeing?

Doolfan4life: Maybe Eric and Nicole, especially since they keep bringing up Sami because maybe she will make an appearance. I find she can make even the dullest situation more interesting.

Jack: I used to hate Lani, but I’m enjoying her a lot more these days, and I want her and Eli to have a redo even though I STILL wish she was with Kristen instead.

I’m also tentatively excited about Eric and Nicole. I’m not a big fan of this couple, but after all the back and forth, I’d like to see them have their happily ever after, and the scenes with them telling Sami were a throwback to the olden DAYS where there were lighthearted family scenes thrown into the mix. 

Ben and Ciara are snoozeville, and Justin/Kayla will end in heartbreak for Justin sooner or later, so I can’t be excited for either of those.

Christine: I’d love a real wedding for Justin and Kayla, but I know it’s not going to happen without disaster looming.

Back in the day, I rooted for Eric and Nicole, and although I’ve lost much of my love for this pairing, it will be nice to see them finally tie the knot after all of these years.

But I do wish I was more excited for any of these pairings. Sadly, there aren’t any couples on the screen that I’m fully invested in right now.

You tell us, Days fans, which couple are you most excited to see walk down the aisle?

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Doolfan4life: The goodbye scenes with Jack and Jennifer with Abby were really well done.

I also enjoyed the scenes with Hope and Steve and how natural their friendship is. It’s a relief that they aren’t pairing them romantically and keeping them as close friends because the chemistry was great.

And lastly, I loved Rolf sassing Gabi, it was hilarious.

Jack: I enjoyed everyone passing the buck about telling Sami. That was fun.

But to my surprise, my favorite scenes this week were all the scenes of Justin at Adrienne’s grave. These were emotional scenes that showed he is not enough past Adrienne’s death to be ready to marry Kayla, and I liked his honest conversation with Sonny too.

This was one of my favorite Days of Our Lives quotes

I’ve been sitting here a while and it is so still. No wind, no birds overhead… it reminds me of how you used to get so mad at me you’d cross your arms and turn your back and go silent. That was scarier than when you yelled at me. I know you’re crazy about Kayla, but maybe you like her better as a sister-in-law than as my new wife. So I’m going to flat-out say it. I need a sign.


And this was a close second… 

Sonny: So how long have you been thinking about marriage?
Justin: Not long. It’s in the air. Eli proposed to Lani and as you know, Eric and Nicole are engaged.
Sonny: So all the cool kids are doing it, is that it?
Justin: Thank you for thinking I’m seventeen. But no. It’s just that life is short, you know, and things can change in a heartbeat.

Christine: I also loved Justin’s line where he thanked Sonny for thinking he was 17. That was cute.

I liked Justin talking to Adrienne about proposing to Kayla. That’s something that people who have lost someone do, and I could feel Justin’s grief and hope for the future.

I also appreciated Abigail trying to explain her illness to Thomas and not lying to him or completely glossing over her issues.

Now it’s your turn, Days of Our Lives fans! Hit that BIG, BLUE, SHOW COMMENTS BUTTON down below to share your thoughts on this week’s Days.

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