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Join us for a live webinar at 4 p.m. BST on 16 June 2020 exploring MR imagers in radiotherapy applications

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MRI manufacturers have made great strides in reducing MR system distortion. Maintaining acceptable levels of distortion relies on properly controlling a long chain of conditions. A robust system of quality control for crucial imaging performance characteristics is critical for detecting significant deviations before they affect clinical operations. The Phantom Laboratory’s MagphanRT® phantom design meets the specific QA needs for MR imagers in radiotherapy applications. MagphanRT’s modular configuration allows QA measurements over the wide fields of view found in radiotherapy applications.

MagRT webinarThis webinar presented by Richard Mallozzi will discuss:

  • The design and accompanying automated analysis of the phantom.
  • Setting up an automated QA system with the accompanying cloud-based Smári image analysis system.
  • Clinical experience and findings using the MagphanRT.

Want to take part in the webinar?

Richard MallozziRichard Mallozzi earned an AB in physics from Harvard University. He also gained a PhD in physics from the University of California at Berkeley in 1998, where he studied high-temperature superconductivity.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Mallozzi joined GE Global Research as a magnetic resonance scientist, where he worked on diverse projects ranging from MRI acoustic noise reduction, interventional MRI, gradient and RF coil development, and applications of MRI to neuroimaging.

While at GE Global Research, Mallozzi collaborated with The Phantom Laboratory and GE scientist Daniel Blezek to develop the phantom and analysis technique that formed the basis of the control method.

Richard joined ONI Medical Systems in 2007, where he helped develop the first high-field (1.5 Tesla) commercial extremity MRI system. He then joined The Phantom Laboratory and Image Owl in 2014, where he works on a variety of physics and application issues pertinent to medical imaging. He co-designed the Magphan RT system and developed the automated analysis for the phantom.

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