Days of Our Lives Round Table: Allie’s Back and She’s Got a Surprise!


Allie returned to Salem with shocking news, Ciara suspected Brady of sabotage, Eric tried to throw a surprise wedding, while Rafe lost his custody fight for David.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Soaps4Ever and Kpatch from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate, who’s the most immature person in Salem, whether Allie’s return is a hit or a miss, what Rafe should do next, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who do you currently consider the most immature character in Salem?

Soaps4Ever: I think Ciara is the most immature character in Salem right now because she expects everybody to think that it is normal that she is marrying a serial killer, and she thinks people should all be happy for her.

Also, she is supposed to be such an important person at Titan, but she never cared much about the job before. The job is only important to her when she feels like it is. Just not realistic at all.

Jack: Of the actual adults, I’d say Sarah. She acts like she’s in junior high all the time, throws tantrums when she doesn’t get her way and engages in stupid pranks and revenge schemes.

Gabi is a close second, though, with her obsession with revenge (and on proving Jake is Stefan?).

Kpatch: I’m going to say Ciara. She has a very unrealistic view of herself and the world. She thinks everyone needs to bend to her wishes.

It really bugged me that she insisted that Brady implement the plan she “worked so hard on.” She has no idea what it’s like to work for a living.

Christine: Sarah is my first pick. Maggie gives her advice, and she reacts like a bratty 15-year-old.

I know Sarah is hurting, but she deals with it by lashing out, throwing tantrums, abusing alcohol, and unwise sexual encounters. She needs to start acting like a grown-up and take responsibility for her actions even during the bad times.

Allie arrived in Salem as a pregnant 20-something. What’s your reaction?

Soaps4Ever: This story is kind of out-of-the-blue, but it can be a nice set-up for some interesting scenarios. I like that the story brought Lucas back, for a short time, anyway, and I feel like some good can come out of the situation.

Jack: I can’t believe how much I love this story! I thought I would hate it because Allie was a sweet kid who shouldn’t grow up to be a “mini-Sami.”

However, the writing has been excellent, and the new actress is great. Allie’s story makes a lot of sense, uses a ton of characters well (especially the perpetually underused Lucas!), and is the kind of realistic family drama that I enjoy.

Kpatch: She’s sucking up too much airtime. If she really didn’t want Sami to know she’s pregnant, she shouldn’t have come back to Salem until after the baby is born. But she came back to Salem and sought out her family.

She is 100% wrong to ask them to keep her secret when she brought her problems to their doorstep. I think Allie really wants her mother. She doesn’t want the judgment or the Sami storm, but she wants her mother’s support.

Christine: I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would, except that Allie acts more like a teenager than someone who has graduated college.

Allie is impulsive, unreasonable, and scared. With Kate’s credit card, she could have gone anywhere, but she chose Salem, which tells me that despite what she says, she wants her family, even her mom.

One of the best things about this story is how we’re getting scenes between characters who are connected but are rarely seen together on screen. It’s reminding us that these folks are family and that’s always a positive.

Should Ciara call the police about Gabi’s abduction? Should she tell Victor her suspicions about Brady?

Soaps4Ever: I think Ciara should tell the police about Gabi’s abduction, they are probably going to find out anyway.

Ciara should mention Brady’s intentions to Victor, but I don’t think Victor will be surprised. He knows how Brady feels about him right now.

Jack: Of course Ciara should call the police. Ignoring warnings that if you call the police something dire will happen is basic self-defense, not that anyone in Salem listens.

I doubt Victor would listen to her suspicions, but she should tell him, too — his company is at stake.

Kpatch: Ciara should tell Rafe about Gabi immediately, although I’m enjoying the break from Gabi. As for Ciara telling Victor her suspicions, sure, why not?

Christine: Yes, and yes! Don’t all bad guys say not to call the cops? If nothing else, Rafe has the right to know his sister is in danger. 

As for telling Victor about Brady, I wouldn’t be shocked if Victor already suspected it. Victor is a lot of things, but he’s generally no fool. Ciara is already a favorite of her grandfather’s, but if she went to him with this, it would only solidify that.

Was Eric romantic or selfish by trying to spring a wedding on Nicole?

Soaps4Ever: I honestly think Eric was trying to be romantic by trying to have a spontaneous wedding, but he also should’ve considered what Nicole wants. Nice to see a good side of him lately, though.

Jack: I think that was selfish. You don’t surprise someone with a wedding ceremony. Eric and Nicole should have talked that out ahead of time and made a plan together.

Kpatch: I think he thought it was a romantic gesture, but Eric isn’t the spur-of-the-moment type. He can’t pull it off.

Christine: He probably thought it was romantic, but you don’t spring a quickie wedding on somewhat unless they’ve made it clear that that’s what they want. The way he pushed for it made it seem more selfish than thoughtful.

What will Rafe do now? Mope around Salem? Try to adopt Allie’s baby? Get back together with Hope? Follow Zoey to be close to David? Something else?

Soaps4Ever: I honestly think Rafe will try to go wherever David is so he can be close to him.

It’s really been a touching story seeing Rafe being a father, and it seems like the thing he wants most. So I think he will follow his heart and try to be near David if possible.

Jack: I think Rafe is going to move closer to where Zoey is so he can be around David. He will probably lean on Hope for a while first, though.

Kpatch: Anything but get back together with Hope.

Christine: He’ll probably mope for a while, maybe even consider adopting Allie’s baby, but in the end, I think he’s going to follow David because he loves that little boy and he won’t want to lose that connection.

What was the worst storyline this week in Salem?

Soaps4Ever: I liked Claire getting out of Bayview, but here’s the thing: it’s my least favorite story this week because it is obvious she has not changed.

They didn’t let us wonder too long if she has recovered because it is obvious she is already plotting and back to her old ways.

I also don’t like that Sarah is interested in Brady, not just because I like her and Xander together, but because they are both too emotionally fragile right now to jump into a relationship.

Jack: Ugh, I can’t take another minute of Sarah pretending to be with Brady, and kissing him just because Maggie said not to? Double ugh.

Kpatch: Allie whining for a week, “Don’t tell my mother.” This is not a storyline; this is childish behavior.

Christine: The worst, most boring storyline was this ridiculous key to the city. That Kate is running around town, trying to convince other people to persuade Hope and Steve to attend the ceremony is ridiculous.

It makes me glad that Allie and Lucas are around to give Kate more to do.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Soaps4Ever: Allie’s pregnancy story was interesting, and I always like the talks Maggie and Sarah have. They are so honest with each other, even if they don’t agree.

Jack: I loved everything about Allie’s return. I especially liked Lucas’ interactions with Kate and that Nicole called Eric out on his not acting like a counselor. But Lucas’ reaction to learning that Allie was pregnant was the best part.

I especially enjoyed this Days of Our Lives quote:

Lucas: You’re pregnant? How could you let this happen? What is wrong with you?
Allie: My God! You’re as bad as Mom.
Kate: Allie… [to Lucas] Now look, you and Sami are hardly the ones to be moralizing about an unplanned pregnancy to her. Just calm down.
Lucas: I AM CALM. I’m calm, all right? Don’t I seem calm to you?
Allie: No, Dad. You seem like you’re about to have a stroke.

I also liked Will and Lucas joking about Sami’s tendency to overreact. All in all, great stuff, and we need more! 

Kpatch: First of all, it was great to see Lucas. I hope they explore his sensitivity about cutting a father out of any decision about his unborn child. Lucas has experience this.

But my favorite scene was the surprise interaction between Xander and Jack, played by two of my favorite actors. They have much in common.

Christine: The conversation between Xander and Jack was my absolute favorite! Jack has never been a saint, and I loved how he tried to help Xander see that the newspaper ad was going to backfire.

Xander wants to do better but has no idea how to even start. Other than Maggie, Jack is one of the few people in town who sees that Xander did a horrible thing, but it wasn’t for his own gain, it was to protect people he loves, which makes him morally flawed but not irredeemable.

Now it’s time for Days Fans to chime in with their answers. Hit that BIG, BLUE SHOW COMMENTS button down below to let us know what you think.

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