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Kadrolsha Ona Carole (KO) has been in countless celebrity magazines, celebrity sightings, and movies. Her career is fully engaged and moving forward at breakneck speed. With all her successes, and there are many, she is dedicated to a positive message, helping others including animals. How does she find the time and energy to do it all especially during the Covid19 pandemic? I caught up with KO and asked just that.

KO, With all your successes, and there are many, you are dedicated to a positive message, helping others including animals. How do you find the time and energy to do it all especially during the Covid19 pandemic?

There are so many people suffering. Years ago I trained as a vet tech/assistant for large animals. Again today I put that training and skills set to work. I do this from my heart. I am doing the best I can to help others including pets on the front line during this Covid19 Pandemic. I am a first responder, former law enforcement officer, medically trained, and veterinary trained. I recommend if you are not trained with a skillset do what you can by comforting others via the internet. Wear a mask and keep a social distance. As far as my many projects and the paranormal. I use my experience and skillsets helping others to inspire new projects. I don’t get tired or down It rejuvenates me!


How does it feel to have been in some of Hollywood’s most memorial movies?


It’s like a dream come true. I have been in many movies over my lifetime, and it’s thrilling to be apart of motion picture history. The most memorial movie I was in is ”Silent Times”. “Silent Times” as the name indicated is a silent film. In fact, the first silent film since silent films were all the rage. What impressed me and I will never forget was the history lesson learned about silent films. In order to film a silent film, you need to physically do slow motion when acting during filming. The reason is, is that it is filmed at the same film rate as silent films were filmed in. And doing so speeds up the film. I won an award for my acting in “Silent Times”. The film won many awards. People can view my IMDB pro page imdb.me/kadrolshaonacarole for a full list of movies.


I hear talks are underway by a large greeting card giant for a greeting card collection in your comic book character’s likeness. Tell us about it.


Yes, I am in talks with a giant in the greeting card industry. I am not going to let the cat out of the bag just yet. Please be patient. It will so be worth the wait.


Do you have anything else exciting to add?


Yes, I do! I have words of advice. “Never bury your head in the sand when people are struggling. Help them with kindness and compassion. One of them may hold the key to your future success”.


Thank you KO insightful as always.





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