How to keep from eating your way through your emotions during Corona

Food seems to be one of the few joys we still cherish while social distancing, and while most of us would love to come out of this pandemic with a brand new physique, that’s no easy task. The factors today that cause us to overeat are a result of this pandemic, such as social distancing, alcohol use, sleep deprivation, watching TV, anxiety or just plain boredom. We eat out of need to comfort ourselves, whether it reminds us of our grandmother’s favorite soup or curbs our stress, we are all reaching for that quick fix in the kitchen.
Best selling author and celebrity hypnotist Kimberly Freidmutter shares her 3 easy tips how to keep your mind aligned and train your mind to eat when the time is right. Link Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted (Simon&Schuster/AtriaBooks)
1. Quick Boost! Find the pre-pandemic you.
Think athlete!  We tend to think of heightened performance when things are going well but now more than ever you need your immune system and health in check!  Inside each of us, there is an ‘inner athlete’ just waiting to emerge.  Close your eyes and imagine a time when you were at your ‘most fit’, your ideal self. What did it feel like to be you. Remember what you ate, when you ate and how good you felt in your body. Now imagine that memory in technicolor, enhancing the experience vividly.  Remember the sounds of fitness, the smells you associate with health (maybe the fresh air during a run or the smell of the gym or mountain air), what does it feel like?  Associate into the emotion and feeling of a runner’s high or the momentum you are gaining on your bike.  As you enhance the memory, take in the thought that this is YOU.  You never changed, never departed the real you, never let up on your excellence.  You are strong, fit and healthy.  Now, open your eyes.
2. Quick Hack! Step away from the fridge.
Every race car needs a pit stop but sometimes during quarantine, we spent more time in the pit than on the track!  We are entering the race again now that quarantine is lifting.  Quick easy hack!
When you feel hunger coming over you and you feel boredom setting in.  Close your eyes.  Ask yourself, how am I now?  Take a deep breath and as you exhale, you will feel the hunger and boredom leave you.  Your subconscious is your truth teller.  While you might be mindlessly blazing a trail to the fridge, your subconscious mind will remind you that all is good, if you’ll just take a quiet moment to ask.
3. Quick Reboot! Take a moment to deep breath, disconnect from the world and connect to your body.
Close your eyes and sit quietly.  Imagine relaxation down to your toes as you imagine roots reaching from the bottoms of your feet all the way into the earth’s powerful core.  Imagine the power in the Earth rising up through the roots all the way into your body, renewing your energy and life force.  Imagine what it feels like to store this energy in every cell of your body.  Feel the warmth and energy generated from the Earth.  Now slowly imagine the roots resending from the Earth’s center back into your feet.  Open your eyes and enjoy your renewed energy that is waiting for you anytime you need it.
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Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted (Simon&Schuster/AtriaBooks)
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