Dare to Dream with Eliza Kuo, the founder of JUN


Dare to Dream with Eliza Kuo, the founder of JUN


Eliza Kuo has always had an affinity for women’s jewelry. Growing up, she familiarized herself with many popular brands of jewelry, their unique designs, and their versatility. When she was not learning more about jewelry, she was studying the Law of Attraction. This theory asserts that our thoughts are powerful. People can attract certain things into our lives simply by focusing on them and manifesting their existence. Focusing on positive thoughts and outcomes attracts more positivity into your life, while focusing on negativity and potential future failures will only bring about more negativity.

photo a Eliza: an Asian woman with shoulder length jet black hair wearing a white shirt

Eliza adapted this theory into her life and attributed her career success to this theory of thought. She spent most of her career in the financial industry as a corporate banker. She became one of the top-ranked producers in a globally renowned bank not just by working hard but by manifesting her success. Eliza recognized the power of the Law of Attraction and wanted to help other women attain the same success level.

JUN is born


Eliza began creating her inspirational jewelry brand: JUN. After a year of designing the perfect bracelet, she reached her final product design:

photo of a JUN by Eliza Kuo bracelet: a gold cross at the center with red silk string

JUN bracelets is a cross-like design that represents the four essential attributes in life: love, peace, strength, and prosperity. Each bracelet reminds wearers to DARE TO DREAM and manifest their dream to live their most desired lives. Eliza believes that chasing your deepest hopes will bring about your true passion, peace of mind, determination, and strength necessary to bring that dream to life. Prosperity will ensue. 

Each JUN bracelet is handmade with silk string and comes in a variety of colors. Eliza wears her favorite bracelet, Strength, daily and loves the red string of the bracelet. Throughout history, the red string on the left wrist acted as a repellent for negativity and symbolized good fortune and protection along your journey. In Hinduism, the red string represents protection and good luck, while in Christianity, it  wards off misfortunes. 

The company is size-inclusive, as each bracelet is fully adjustable to include all sizes of wrists. Regardless of where it is worn, the bracelets serve as a reminder to start taking actionable steps towards meeting your goals and fulfilling your dreams. 

A Brand That Gives Back


Kuo wanted to do more than revive hope in women: She wanted to give back. The empowerment-focused bracelet company donates one percent of its net profits to its charity partners. Each month, JUN partners with a new charity partner. She selects companies that empower and support women. JUN has donated to organizations focused on environmental sustainability, combatting discrimination against the AAPI community, COVID-19 solidarity response funds, breast cancer awareness, and improving education.

This month, the company is donating to Women for Women International. 

A Look to the Future


Within the next few months, Kuo plans to roll out some exciting new products and projects. The first is a series of video stories highlighting real women daring to dream and turning their dreams into reality. 

The second upcoming product launch is the new collection of JUN bracelets. This new collection features JUN bracelets with real gemstones and diamonds as the centerpiece stone in the cross. Each gemstone has its meaning and properties that further support the message of the bracelet. For example, agate is the stone of strength and courage, which, when combined with the JUN “strength” bracelet, can give you more than enough strength to make it through the highs and lows of following your dreams. 

If you are looking for affordable and versatile bracelets with inspirational meaning, this is the brand to watch.

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