Most people know Alexandra Nicole Nolan as a national brand influencer who has been featured on Forbes, Yahoo News, Hollywood Digest, and many other notable publications for her success in the digital marketing world, but there is more to this southern boss babe than meets the eye!

This week, I got the chance to chat with Alexandra Nicole and learn more than most know about her life at home with a blended family, how she juggles “momming”, going to school, and running a very lucrative full-time business, her take on mental health and stability, and her most cherished quote.

Blended Family Life

For those of you who follow along in Alexandra’s journey on Instagram you probably catch glimpses of her children and husband in action, but few people actually know her upbringing which makes her such a supportive wife and incredible mother.

“The fact of the matter is, I was always in a blended family from the time I was three years old,” explains Alexandra. “As a child, I never sensed negativity and never knew the struggles that had once plagued my parent’s marriage. This was largely in part because they kept to themselves, only communicating with each other in emergency situations but always allowing me to have an uninterrupted relationship with the other parent. They respected each other’s lives, and they were mature about it which offered a very healthy upbringing.”

A blended family as Alexandra explains it, is a marriage between two people who have had children previously.  As you can imagine, these situations can be sticky, but not for supermom!

“I am so thankful that my ex-husband and I get along so well. We always help each other out when the other’s schedule needs a little more flexibility than the parenting plan allows. We have always made a point to respect each other and be there together for the kids. Mr Greg and I truly view my ex-husband as family and I believe he feels the same about us. When there is a high maturity level present among all parties in these types of situations, there is really no reason for anyone, especially the children, to miss out.”


Motherhood, School, Business

Alexandra seems to be a natural at “momming.” As we chat, she is setting up the table in preparation for dinner with her husband and three boys while her husband who she calls, Mr. Greg makes one of his delicious culinary creations. Alexandra talks about the pitter patter of little feet on her ceiling as the three brothers play a game of hide and seek upstairs and you can faintly hear their voices in the background of the call.

“Yes, I know it is a lot and at times I wonder why I try to take on the world, but I do it for my family and our future. At the end of hard work, you will find a mound of success. I keep this at the top of my mind when I am losing steam. I am an eat what I kill kind of girl and failure is not an option when you need to eat.” explains Alexandra when I ask her about going back to school for her PhD in Marketing while also being a mother and running several businesses.

Alexandra is always two steps ahead when it comes to her goals, thinking about what’s next while also executing success seamlessly. She is the founder of City Chic Living blog, the curator behind @alexandra.nicole, president of The Confident Boss Academy, a second year doctoral student at the University of Memphis, a mother to three boys, and a loving wife.

“While I do wear many hats, it is this challenge that brings so much excitement to my life. I love every moment with my boys and my husband. Being present to fully soak in every precious minute that we spend together makes being a wife and mom my most cherished job. Then there is being a student and business owner, this is where I go 0 to 100 and that exact change of pace is just my speed.”

Mental Health and Stability

Over the past year, Alexandra Nicole created a course in her online academy for those who had lost their jobs or those that aren’t happy with their current work life situation but feel like there isn’t a way out.

“This past year has been such a challenging year for everyone. Society and social norms as we once knew it were stifled with the onset of Covid. While social distancing was absolutely necessary, many began to experience anxiety and loneliness for the first time. While loneliness was not a factor as I had my family home with me for the most part, anxiety became a topic that I researched a lot about. I was shocked to experience my first ever anxiety attack and it was awful. I mean, I am 35 years old and have never felt this feeling before!”

While Alexandra does share her favorite recipes, parenting tips, travel diaries, and candid raw experiences overall, she has made a point to have real discussions with her audience and openly welcomes her fellow lady followers to private message her with real life hardships.

“I am not an expert by any means, but I am human and I know real feelings. I have gone through the loss of a sibling, past relationship turmoil, have been there to pick up the pieces of those that I love when they just can’t keep it together, have fallen completely apart myself and let my husband pick up my pieces,” she says as she chuckles a bit. “With everything the world has been going through, we need to be kind to others and respectful of their mental health. It is a real thing that shouldn’t be overlooked. There is not one person on this earth that doesn’t deserve happiness and if we all could realize that I am sure a certain level of peace would ensue.”

At the end of our chat, one last question popped into my head as curiosity ensued, what quote would sum up this boss babe’s eccentric life? So naturally, I asked.

“It is such a moving and meaningful quote that it has become my life motto and has also become permanently tattooed on my body,” Alexandra laughs. “The quote is, stars cannot shine without darkness. In my darkest moments, and I have had plenty, I focus on the extra bit of twinkle that I will gain from the experience. What I mean, is that in order to truly shine, you have to go through it. You must allow yourself to feel it. All the brokenness and pain. It is in these darkest moments that we will ultimately grow the most from. This immense personal growth will allow us to shine.”

Alexandra’s fast-paced career and challenging education, mixed with her deep and heartfelt take on motherhood and marriage are the perfect ingredients to the recipe that makes this incredible woman. If you are equally moved by Alexandra Nicole Nolan’s story be sure to follow her on Instagram  and on her blog.

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