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Fall is upon us and 2021 is ending. With the end of the year approaching and holidays being planned, online audiences are looking for a renewed energy. 2021 ushered in so many changes but was a welcome departure from the difficulties of 2020. As this promising year comes to a close with a bit of creativity and inspiration, we can enjoy this beautiful fall season in an abundance of hope and prosperity. With that kind of outlook, it is easy to look towards these top 12 lifestyle entrepreneurs listed in no particular order known for their fresh take on fashion, food, culture, and all things lifestyle. So, get excited and inspired to bring on the best season of the year with their expertly curated content.

Kim Constable

P​roving that a vegan diet is sustainable for all athletes, Kim Constable @thesculptedvegan talks about her journey as a mom, vegan, and bikini PRO competitor. “There is this myth that the only protein that works comes from animals, and that couldn’t be further from the truth,” says Kim. “A lot of my followers are looking for healthier and more sustainable diets, especially towards the close of 2021.” Open about her journey and stepping up as a business mentor Kim is who you want to follow if you’re ready to clean up your diet, meet your business goals, and live a happier, healthier life.

Dedrick Boyd

G​ot a business to run or one in mind? E-commerce and branding expert Dedrick Boyd @realdedrickboydworks with companies to accelerate brand revenue using immersive technologies, gaming, avatars, and digital scenery. “Digital has expanded business in almost incomprehensible ways,” says Dedrick. “I help companies harness that potential while increasing their bottom line.” Believing that the future is now, Dedrick can help your business close out the year with a bang.

Amanda Lynn

A​ promising realtor with The Agency in Beverly Hills, Amanda Lynn @misslhommedieu is passionate about all things lifestyle and luxury, showing her audience around the world how to bring that into their own homes. “Helping people find their dream home is a privilege,” says Amanda. “I curate my content so that even if I may not be directly selling you a home, I am selling you an idea you can build on.” So, with Amanda Lynn in your corner, you can level up your lifestyle this Fall.

 Nikki J

Relatable and the queen of all things “mom hacks,” Nikki J @nikkiglambeauty is a wife, stay-at-home mom and beauty enthusiast. She believes in sharing innovative, unique and quality driven content that makes millennials lives easier. “I collaborate only with brands I believe in and stay true to my audience,” says Nikki J. “I’ve developed a trust from my audience and I genuinely care about providing value.” Delivering on her promise Nikki J is ready to take on the new season with a fresh outlook.

Bella Zingale

Y​ou cannot side-step your healing if you want a fulfilling life, and Bella Zingale @metaphysicalmedium takes a proactive stance on how healing affects your mindset. “It’s important to seek the truth and let that bring a higher degree of understanding and accountability into our lives,” states Bella. “Hypnotherapy and natural remedies can work wonders for our physical and emotional health.” Grounded in reality with a no-nonsense approach Bella Zingale provides tangible advice for those looking to grow.

Cleo Pillon

I​f you are looking to get that glow look no further than beauty influencer Cleo Pillon @cleopillon. The founder of a skincare and wellness company Cleo has gained a worldwide audience she credits to her resiliency and tenacity. “We all have the tools within us to achieve our dreams,” says Cleo. “We just have to believe in ourselves, and I think feeling good is the first step.” Guiding her followers through proper skin care, lifestyle, and beauty is her passion.

Sol Romero

Model and actress Sol Romero @solromeroofficial embodies what it means to live life to the fullest. Unafraid to pursue her passions, Sol believes that anything is possible and helps her followers realize their dreams through uplifting travel and lifestyle content. “Life is all about living on your terms,” says Sol. “Be unafraid to be who you truly are, and success will follow.”

Alex Levy

S​piritual coach and published Oracle Deck author Alex Levy @alexlevy_intuitive helps people access their intuition to lead them towards a more fulfilling life. “We all have intuitive gifts,” says Alex. “A more centered life is possible when we awaken that fire inside and tune into our true selves.” Leading with intention and coming from a place of genuine service, Alex provides advice and content that pushes others towards excellence, not necessarily perfection.

Kristina Edwards

Digital entrepreneur Kristina Edwards @kristinadedwards_ is a brand and beauty fanatic who puts incredible research into her partnerships. “For me, it’s all about bringing the best of the best of what’s available to my followers,” says Kristina. “Social media has given us this opportunity to connect with brands that benefit our lives when offered by a trusted influencer.” A trusted influencer without a doubt, Kristina helps her followers live their best lives with products that she firmly believes in.

Phillip Ashley

Looking to get inspired for your next dessert? Look no further than confectioner to the stars Phillip Ashley Rix @phillipashley. Embracing the idea that taste is an experience, Phillip brings creativity to his audience in an edible way. “I love how the Fall brings people together,” exclaims Phillip. “That means more time for sit-down dinners and dessert where families can laugh and share.” Let his talent ignite the chef within you as the holidays approach.

Jamie Villamor

Athlete, cover model, travel blogger and professional pistol shooter Jamie Villamor @jamie_villamor brings a little diversity into this list with her edge and passion for business. “Most of my followers come to me because I don’t fit into any type of box, and that inspires them,” states Jamie. “My daughters inspire me to be the kind of woman I hope to see more of in this world.” With an impressive partnership with Microtech Knives lined up for the next two years Jamie takes a no-holds-barred approach through her transparency and career achievements.

Alessandra @howtobeinstyle

M​odel, realtor, and self-proclaimed “boho girl” @howtobeinstyle represents a fresh take on beauty, art, music, and design. Believing that beauty comes from within, @howtobeinstyle draws on her work as a model for the world’s top brands to inspire confidence in her followers. “It’s all about inner beauty, and in my work, I enjoy developing the kind of communication, and relations that uplift and inspire,” she explains. Cultivating relationships and sparking engagement @howtobeinstyle takes lifestyle to new heights.

W​ith a new look on influence and a fresh perspective, these 12 lifestyle entrepreneurs are who you want to follow as we approach Fall and look towards 2022.

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