The New Energy Crisis by Stewart Atkinson

Politics, Science, Technology

Russia’s war on Ukraine has demonstrated how a major energy exporter can achieve a choke-hold over its customers, leaving them very little way to get out of it. NATO has been limited in its response to the Ukrainian invasion by Europe’s dependence on Russian gas and oil.

We need energy independence to break the grip of Russia and to make sure that we and our NATO partners are never compromised by our energy suppliers again.

Says Howard Bloom, the founder of the Space Development Steering Committee, co-founder of the Asian Space Technology Summit, and author of seven books:

“There’s an energy technology that can achieve the goal of energy independence.  An energy source we’ve been using successfully since 1962. An energy source that’s the core of a third-of-a-trillion dollar industry.  An energy source that can end-run Russia and take us to net-zero.

“That  energy source is space solar power.  Solar power harvested in space and transmitted to Earth with the same sort of harmless waves used by your cellphone.”

Bloom asserts that “Solar power harvested in space is the REAL Green New Deal., It can eliminate almost ALL man-made global warming.  Space solar power can end the use of fossil fuels for transportation and energy production COMPLETELY.  Space solar power can get us to net zero.”

According to Bloom’s late partner in advocating space solar power, India’s eleventh President, Dr. APJ Kalam, space solar power can also lift two billion people out of poverty.

Adds Bloom, “The Chinese understand the potential of  solar power harvested in space. They’ve had well-funded space solar power programs for over ten years.  And they’ve built a factory for space solar power components. Why? the Chinese government plans to own space solar power by 2035.  If they do, they will own the 21st century.”

Bloom asserts that space solar power has a host of additional advantages:

  • “Space solar power can bring energy to areas beset by disaster.
  • “Space solar power can bring energy to distant mining sites and military forward bases currently powered by gasoline…gasoline whose transport through war zones raises the price to $200 a gallon.
  • “And space solar power can provide the energy we need to desalinate water and to provide that fresh water to areas of desert or draught.”

Bloom concludes that, “space solar power is very literally the Green New Deal.  And it can prevent the energy blackmail of the next Ukraine.”

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