P-Valley Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Demethrius


If it ain’t one thing, it’s another.

The Pynk has been saved from foreclosure, evolved, and stayed afloat during Covid.

Now, on P-Valley Season 2 Episode 4, the club was targeted by a disgruntled patron.

So who ultimately was responsible for the sneezing incident?

If, as it appears, Joy was battling with allergies, there was no way she should have taken off her mask.

But if customer Lauren insisted that all the masks come off with her steady stream of bills, then she assumed liability for what happened.

Unfortunately, the shock of Joy’s spray drove the horniness and the drunkenness from Lauren’s body, and she awoke in the midst of what could quickly have become a superspreader event.

So, while Lauren’s motivation was wrong, she was right to do her job and write up the many code violations at the club.

However, this left Autumn and Uncle Clifford, whose operating capital was already stretched thin, in a tough spot. With The Pynk closed, they couldn’t make money with which to repair the club.

Fortunately, while Clifford didn’t know the difference between a HEPA filter and a heifer filter, Big L was there to work his connections to get the club operational again.

That would explain how Duffy showed up at precisely the right time with his truck loaded with equipment and workers (from Wakanda?).

Better still, the dancers and even Diamond showed up to help, thanks to the Pynk Posse email chain.

There is something spooky happening at The Pynk. Autumn appeared aware of some presence there. Diamond, who doesn’t rattle easy, seemed shaken upon entering the Paradise Room. Does the ghost of Montavious haunt the club?

Diamond’s return got tongues flapping as the dancers speculated about what happened to him that caused him to leave after Murda Night.

While those hens cackled, Big Bone made a bold move, convincing Diamond to take a ride on her motorcycle.

This visit is likely the first step in reincorporating Diamond into The Pynk.

While Diamond was hesitant about working at the club itself, Big L had a secret hustle for which he needed security help. Also, Diamond has that paranormal sensitivity, which is likely to come in handy down the road.

In addition to the pandemic, creator Katori Hall had another recent topic in the news hovering over this episode: Police shooting of blacks. It affected both those on the Dirty Dozen Tour and at The Pynk.

First, the great news: Gidget was back, if only for an episode. She and Keyshawn are always great together.

Gidget got to experience how Keyshaw was glowing up as a social-media influencer, Ms. Miss Sipp.

But during the rioting following the police shooting, Gidget was out of her element. Not that that stopped her from loudly offering her opinion.

Although Gidget may be Keyshawn’s bottom bitch, she was just another ill-informed cracker in this situation. It was little wonder that Keyshawn paid to send Gidget on her way to Nashville.

But Gidget wasn’t the only cause of tension on tour. Murda, the “headliner,” was jealous of the attention Keyshawn was receiving. His hearing music by his collaborator, DJ Neva Scared, on the radio didn’t help his mood.

But the most tightly wound was Big Teak, who isn’t adjusting well to life on the outside. The police shooting set him even more on edge. Apparently, Murda and Teak were closer in prison than had previously been revealed. Murda knew exactly how to take off Teak’s edge.

Murda faced a different problem as Teak showed jealousy toward the Clifford to whom Murda is sending postcards.

Also freaked out by the police shooting was Roulette. Shortly after she had brawled with Brazil, Roulette broke down and told Duffy the story of how her older brother Demethrius had been shot and killed by police.

Earlier, Roulette had had a game-recognizes-game moment with Big L when they both realized the other knew about their side hustle. Big L settled for giving her a little sage advice about life and left everything else unsaid.

Andre got a rude awakening after returning to Atlanta to announce his new direction in life to his wife, Brittany. He discovered her having sex with another doctor. Then she scoffed at his plan to run for mayor of Chucalissa.

Since Andre’s been screwing around with Autumn practically the whole time he was pushing the casino in Chucalissa, how could he possibly be offended when Brittany fooled around on him? Seriously.

Andre running against the interim mayor, who is his primary financier’s brother, and Patrice, who opposes the casino that Andre is promoting, should make for an exciting race.

Naturally, Andre ran straight to Autumn, curfew be damned. Was Autumn planning to flip The Pynk when the price is finally right? Or was she just posturing about selling for her lover, Andre?

Clifford and Mercedes being all self-righteous at Autumn is pretty disingenuous. Now that Clifford is one-third owner of the club, she’ll take an offer when the price goes high enough. Autumn was correct that The Pynk could just reopen elsewhere in town.

Mercedes wouldn’t still be involved with the club if not for her mother’s embezzling and the pandemic. She missed the work party because she was busy whoring with Farrah. So she should get off her high horse as well.

To follow the obstacles for The Pynk, watch P-Valley online.

Should Lauren have written up those code violations?

Can Andre win the mayoral race?

Will The Pynk be sold?

Comment below.

Dale McGarrigle is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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