What Experts Predict Will Unfold in the Future of Real Estate


Increasing concerns among Americans regarding the shape of our economy have evoked a
nationwide conversation about the forthcoming conditions of the real estate market. These
discussions have prompted specialists such as real estate expert Robert Shemin to develop
projections about the market’s anticipated state.

Shemin is a world-renowned intellectual and significant figure in the spheres of real estate
investment, branding and negotiation. As an accredited New York Times bestselling author and
Wealth expert for CNN and FOX News, he uses his extensive knowledge of finance to enrich
his informed predictions.

Founded on his expertise, Shemin’s forecasts examine the varying ways that economic shifts
may impact homeowners and investors within the real estate market. He analyzes the effects of
softening markets and economies but accounts for the likelihood of select markets remaining in

In light of current economic circumstances, he estimates that a large number of both residential
and commercial investors will face financial loss. Shemin says that this loss is furthered by a
disconnect in experience and understanding when concerning a market that is softening or
declining. He believes that a lack of experience in declining markets is what opens the door for
overpaying and losing money.

However, this loss can create openings for other active individuals in the market. When some
investors sell at a lower price, other investors and homeowners are presented with increased
opportunities. Even so, Shemin says that many homeowners are still overpaying or seeking
deals they are unable to afford.

He says these financial troubles will remain present if a softening economy develops into a
rolling recession. Financial burdens may create difficulties for those trying to pay their mortgage,
which can lead to multiple missed payments and eventual foreclosure. Shemin notes that in
many states, there is already an existing, notable rise in foreclosures.

He says that based on the current foreclosure systems set in place by each state, it is probable
that these processes will take months, if not years, to complete. Because there is a growing
number of foreclosures in areas with systems too slow to address them, many of these
properties will require longer periods of time before reentering the market.

Shemin also predicts that while some markets anticipate decline, others will remain expensive
and in demand. He says this consistency is often seen in markets where high demands result
from the traits of the property’s encompassing area. He notes good weather, educated
workforces, low taxes, and favorable employment environments as some of these factors.

Shemin projects that the steady prices and demands in these specific markets, particularly
during a recession period where interest and mortgage rates are increasing, will take some
homeowners and investors by surprise. Although, it is both usual and expected for some
markets to withstand recessions and inflation better than others.

In real estate, he says it is beneficial to remember that the future cannot be predicted with
complete accuracy. One should always be prepared for the unexpected when countless
everchanging factors exist that influence markets, home prices and interest rates.

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