5 Best Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin in 2023


The best electric shavers in the biz glide across the face and neck like a greased-up gymnast on an icy lake. But while there are many brilliant electric-powered face-taming products out there, not all of them cater to guys with sensitive skin.

I personally suffer from sensitive skin. I once had a wet shave—I ended up with an upper lip that looked like a chicken’s neck. Fortunately, I discovered the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

The best electric shavers for sensitive skin are designed with blades that are either hypoallergenic or far more delicate than those found on regular face-taming products. Using the right one helps you enjoy a pain-free grooming experience while keeping dry skin and rashes at bay.

Keep in mind not all ‘sensitive skin shavers’ out there deliver on their promises, like preventing itchiness or rashes. To help you find a quality product that suits your needs, I’m going to look at five best electric shavers for sensitive skin fellas with picky faces.

Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

When you’re looking for your best electric shaver for sensitive skin, the first thing to consider is whether you prefer a rotary or foil blade. Then you can drill down into the design of your potential shaver based on your hand size, hand-eye coordination level, and how often you intend to use your shaver.

Winning our overall spot is the Philips Norelco 5300, tackling a bit of everything like a pro. But if you have a focus on tough bristles, the Braun Series 3 will get the job done without tearing hairs from your face, while the Panasonic Arc 3 is good at doubling up as a beard styler, with a pop-up trimmer that seamlessly works around the edges. And if you want to shave your head as well as your face, the Hatteker is a solid option.

Our Top Picks

Shaving with Braun Series 3
steve_the_brockman / instagram

Philips Norelco Shaver 5300

Type: Rotary | Battery Life: 60 Mins | Wet/Dry: Yes | Waterproof: Yes

My overall best electric shaver for sensitive skin, the mighty Philips Norelco 5300 is a wet and dry face-mane tamer with pop-up trimming capabilities. This punchy little product is designed for easy handheld use and comes with rotary blades that adjust to the contours of your face as you shave.

That means you get smoother contact, resulting in a cleaner, kinder shaving experience. Oh, and the pop-up trimmer is a breeze for tidying up your mustache and sideburns (if you have them). Winner winner chicken dinner.

Braun Electric Series 3

Type: Foil | Battery Life: 45 Mins | Wet/Dry: Yes | Waterproof: Yes

Powered by precision German engineering, the Braun Electric Series 3 is basically the BMW of electric shavers. Tested on a tough variety of beards with around three days worth of growth, this gem of a shaver boasts MicroComb technology that gently captures those longer, more stubborn hairs without ripping or tearing.

The foil blades are also pressure sensitive, offering a kinder, cleaner shave for fellas with sensitive skin.

Hatteker Electric Shaver Rotary Razor

Type: Rotary | Battery Life: 60 Mins | Wet/Dry: Yes | Waterproof: Yes

The firm yet fair Hatteker is another worthy addition to my rundown of the best electric shavers for men with sensitive skin. An ultra-reliable rotary shaver for guys with sensitive skin, this face-grooming icon has a four-directional floating head for a softer, more delicate shaving action.

The precision steel blades also help to keep the skin cool, preventing rashes in the process. Oh, and it boasts a little pop-up trimmer as well as a handy travel pack and bonus grooming accessories. This rotary bad boy is so good, you can also use it to shave your head hair.

Panasonic Arc4

Type: Foil | Battery Life: 45 mins | Wet/Dry: Yes | Waterproof: Yes

The Panasonic Arc4 foil shaver looks menacingly cool—it’s also designed for a snag-free, hand-held precision shave. Armed with four micro-thin stainless steel blades and a pivoting head, this facial groomer makes it easy to get into those nooks and crannies (particularly in and around the jawline) without putting too much pressure on the skin.

The rolling 360-degree blades are also brilliant at dealing with longer hairs without pulling, minimizing the risk of pesky skin rash. Plus, it boasts a slick LCD screen and a pop-up trimmer.

LOBINH Electric Shaver for Men

Type: Rotary | Battery Life: 90 Mins | Wet/Dry: Yes | Waterproof: Yes

Last but certainly not least, in my best electric shaver for sensitive skin list, we have the LOBINH. This handy shaver may be incredibly kind to the wallet, but it gets the job done. With a generous 90-minute life, the LOBINH is also equipped with dual-track technology, meaning it cuts a large surface area of facial hair with every movement.

This affordable shaver offers a super efficient shave that results in a clean face without dry skin or rash.

Chrome and Red Panasonic shavers
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What To Look For In The Best Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin


When you’re looking for the best electric shaver for sensitive skin, always consider the material of the blade as well as the head.

The best electric shavers for sensitive skin are made in varying types of plastic, rubber, and metal. The trick here is to check the quality of the materials used to make your shortlisted shavers. Typically, more robust plastic is best for the shaver heads, while stainless steel or alloy is best for the blades.

Read through the materials list as well as customer reviews, and you’ll end up with a shaver that treats your skin with respect.


An electric shaver for men with sensitive skin falls within two main categories: foil blade shavers and rotary blade shavers.

Depending on whether you want something to offer a delicate close shave around the edges while shaping your beard hair or a super slick baby’s bottom kind of look, you should choose accordingly. If you do want to achieve that close-shaved look (and you’re a fella who grooms daily), going for a dedicated shaver is your best option.

Wet & dry feature

Another key thing to look for in the best electric shavers for men with sensitive skin is the wet & dry feature. If you want to shave in the bath or shower, having a shaver with a wet & dry feature is basically essential (for obvious reasons).

The ability to thoroughly clean your heads and blades under the tap will make it extra hygienic. If you get rid of hair and debris properly, you will avoid skin flare-ups—which is essential if you have a sensitive face.

Battery Life

It’s simple—solid battery life is important. The battery life of most shavers ranges from 30 to 90 minutes, which is enough juice for at least a few shaves, even on the lower end of the scale.

But if you’re someone looking to keep your face clean at all times (a once or twice a day shaver), going for a product with more battery life is a wise move. That way, you should get a week’s worth of shaving action before having to reach for the charger.

Fathers Day Gift, A Philips Norelco
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Final Verdict

The Philips Norelco 5300 came out on top due to its all-around power, precision, and reliability. As a best-selling sensitive skin shaver, this punchy product offers maximum face-grooming performance without aggravating dry skin or causing rashes. Considering its droves of excellent reviews and its sheer quality, the Norelco is surprisingly good value, so you get plenty of bang for your buck.

While the Philips Norelco is my best overall choice, the other four products on my list are fine contenders. There’s something there to suit every need or budget. Work through my ‘what to look for‘ tips, comb back through the product choices, and you’ll end up with your ideal face-grooming companion.


    • Yes, electric shavers can irritate the skin. This is because they use fairly high-powered motors or high-voltage electricity to cut facial hair, which can heat the skin and cause a rash, dryness, or irritation. Some electric shavers also come equipped with blades that can cause a harsh reaction.

      Fortunately, there are electric shavers specially made for fellas with sensitive skin. These face-taming beauties are designed to cut with a little less force and have blades made with materials that are better for rash or irritation-prone skin.

      • If you have dry or sensitive skin, shaving every day isn’t always a good idea, as you can maximize your chances of causing imbalance or irritation.

        But if you do like that smooth, slick facial look, using the right electric shaver for sensitive skin, as well as a quality balm or cream, will allow you to groom regularly while minimizing irritation.

        • Most of the best men’s razors are designed to treat the skin with maximum kindness, but it really just comes down to preference. Coupled with the right shave balm or cream, a traditional razor can provide a clean and delicate cut.

          If you are prone to sensitive skin, the right electric shaver will make the entire process less laborious while helping to keep your face irritated or rash free. The reason for this is that these specialist electric razors are designed to glide off the skin more gently while making the entire experience shorter and more efficient.

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