Fire Country Round Table: Is Bode Making Things Worse for Himself?


A former inmate firefighter who still holds a grudge against Sharon returned to exact his revenge on Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11. Events unfolded, leading to Bode taking matters into his own hands.

Our Fire Country TV Fanatics Jasmine, Dale, and Denis discuss the episode’s biggest moments, like Vince learning of Luke and Sharon’s secret, Bode going wild, Manny’s gambling problem, and the love triangles going forward.

Luke returned, and with his return, a secret came out. What are your thoughts on Vince’s reaction, Sharon’s excuse for not telling Vince, and Luke’s excuse for doing it?

Jasmine: I definitely feel like they had bigger problems to worry about than Luke crossing a line with Sharon and her shutting him down. I found it all a bit clichéd, and Vince bugged me with his overreaction. But there’s clearly a history between the brothers, and this wasn’t even about Sharon in the long run. I hate that Luke left.

Dale: Luke isn’t the first younger brother to have a crush on his older brother’s girlfriend/wife. But under the circumstances, he needed to leave that in the past, especially considering Sharon’s situation. Sharon did the right thing ignoring his heavy-handed flirtation.

As is his wont, Vince overreacted. With all that’s happening in the Leone family, they’ve got bigger problems. Luke could have been helpful if he hadn’t felt it necessary to leave for the time being.

Denis: It felt like the writers had drawn this out for so long, but it didn’t amount to anything substantial. Maybe it felt grander to us than the issue, considering they introduced it in a midseason finale. I felt like Vince underreacted because I could have punched someone.

Luke’s excuse felt a bit shallow; I had a feeling he was lying.

What did you think of how the show handled Manny’s gambling problem?

Jasmine: I think they’re handling this rather well. It’s an interesting addition to depict compared to other, more prominent ones. It’s a heartbreaking issue that can have devastating effects on everyone around that person, and I find the arc compelling, especially as more people are becoming aware of it.

I like that they’re showing how infallible Manny is without vilifying him per se. He’s losing his grip, and the consequences suck, but he has a great support system to build on.

Dale: Manny had to hit bottom before he would seek help. Mission accomplished now that his secret is making the rounds. Manny was smart enough to reach out to the important people, such as Gabriella and Sharon.

Fortunately, it hasn’t affected much his work at Three Rock, which is important when dealing with hotheads such as Bode.

Denis: They have handled this particular storyline very well. Better than all others. They have shown how someone gets deeper, what they stand to lose, and how it affects them and their relationships. They also showed how someone in such a position could help themselves.

Odin returned to exact his revenge on Sharon. How do you feel about this storyline?

Jasmine: I found this storyline to be very unexpected,  but they did well tying it in where it impacted more than just the family. It was a cautionary tale for the cons. It brought them closer together as a unit and with the other firefighters.

I didn’t see any parts of this storyline coming the whole time. And I loved how it allowed these great character moments for so many characters, exposing that darker side of Bode, tapping into a loyalty among the Three Rock cons to Sharon, Bode, and the program, the tension with the brothers, and so forth.

The cops definitely should’ve been involved sooner, though, I agree

Jake Pulls Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11


Dale: It was a pleasant change of pace to have an antagonist that wasn’t elemental. Odin was what any of the Three Rock cons could have become if they didn’t properly toe the line. It was puzzling why Sharon and Vince didn’t bring in the local police sooner.

This shouldn’t have been something that Bode felt he had to deal with.

Denis: This actually scared me from the moment I read the episode synopsis. It spoke so much to my fear of the unknown.

The fact that anyone you have interacted with can be harboring a grudge against you and waiting for an opportunity to present itself so they can attack? Gives me chills.

Bode took matters into his own hands more than once. React!

Jasmine: He frustrated me so much with his actions and inability to control his impulses. But we also needed to see this side of him. He landed himself in prison for a reason.

There are times when they come dangerously close to playing up how heroic and honorable he is despite being a con; I appreciated getting to see more of how flawed he is. I’m not going to hold it against the guy for wanting to at least get a few licks in, either.

Dale: Thanks to his temper, Bode is a two-step-forward, one-step-back type of man. Imagine where he would be if he had just followed protocol. It’s like he’s determined to screw up his Cal Fire legacy because he blames himself for Riley’s death.

Denis: It is hard to root for a guy hellbent on ruining himself. We have excused some of his behavior so far, but how much longer? He expects people to accept he has changed just because he says so, but there are no actions to match.

It makes him an interesting protagonist, but I can’t deny that he annoys me.

Jake and Gabby cleared the awkwardness between them. What do you think might happen going forward?

Jasmine: I think Jake will happily move on with Cara, and Gabby will have second thoughts about everything because the other men in her life are emotionally draining her and letting her down a bit.

I fully expect things to cool off between Bode and Gabby now for a bit, and both of them will struggle with that.

Dale: This is why Cara was introduced, to facilitate romantic transitions. But, of course, it won’t be that simple. Cara and Jake are showing an interest in each other. But Gabby has to be kicking herself for trading the stability of Jake for Bode.

It didn’t take long for him to disappoint her, did it? And with Manny’s gambling addiction, does Gabby need the headache Bode promises to be?

Denis: This is one colossal mess that will end with a lot of heartbreak. Everyone seems to have a history with everyone; in such instances, it’s advisable to find a stranger. It’s not worth the constant fighting.

They might have cleared the air, but there will still be awkwardness, especially when Jake starts dating someone new.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from the episode, and why?

Jasmine: I can appreciate a woman who has both a knife and booze in her boot. It’s not exactly what the Girl Scouts meant when they said, “always be prepared,” but that made me laugh amid a pretty gnarly scene.

Dale: It’s got to be test results showing that Bode is a match for Sharon, although that’s no big surprise. It sets up the next Leone conflict when Bode wants to donate a kidney to Sharon, and she doesn’t want it.

How long before she does the logical thing and gives in? And would having one kidney prohibit him from being a firefighter?

Denis: Manny admitted he had a problem. I know how much courage that took. It is the first step to healing.

Anything else, good or bad, you would like to point out about the episode?

Jasmine: Sharon is such a vibe. I love how much everyone loves her. The Mama Bear thing made me smile. And it suits her that she’s a badass biker babe.

Dale: Who knew that Billy Burke could sing? It was enjoyable to see the softer side of Vince, even if Luke did exit the series for a time during that number.

Denis: Jake continues to win me over if he hasn’t already; he exudes wisdom and maturity that Bode and Gabby could use.


Over to you, Fire Country Fanatics. What’s your take on these storylines?

Chime in the comments section.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch Fire Country online and then read our review of Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11.

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