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Keith Raniere

Raniere’s legal team filed a motion for a new trial supported by three experts, including a former FBI Special Agent of 20 years, who concluded that extensive evidence tampering took place, some of it in FBI custody. Now there are a total of 7 experts, including four former top FBI computer experts. Democratic corruption in the DOJ and the courts attempt to silence this evidence.

The following are the first few lines of the motion:

“In my 20 years serving as an FBI agent, I have never observed or claimed that an FBI employee tampered with evidence, digital or otherwise. But in this case, I strongly believe the multiple, intentional alterations to the digital information I have discovered constitute evidence manipulation. And when so many human-generated alterations happen to align with the government’s narrative, I believe any reasonable person would conclude that evidence tampering had taken place1.”

– Dr. J. Richard Kiper, Ph.D.

“In its prosecution of Keith Raniere, the government manufactured child pornography and planted it on a computer hard drive to tie it to him. Additionally, the government falsified, fabricated, and manipulated all the key evidence it used to convict Mr. Raniere of the most heinous crimes he was charged with, that is, possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a child – for purportedly taking twenty-two contraband photographs in 2005.”

– Dr. J. Richard Kiper, Ph.D.
Presenting clear evidence of FBI tampering

Judge Nicholas Garaufis, a Democrat-appointed judge, known to be an “activist” on the bench, opposed the Trump administration in 2020 and restored the DACA program.

The new trial motion was filed before Garaufis in May 2022,  a year after Raniere’s appeal had been filed (and 6 months before a decision would ultimately come down).

Garaufis could have indicated to the appeals court (Second Circuit) that he would want to rule on this motion and that a stay of the appeal should be granted.

Instead, after reading this motion, he did not do that. In the procedure, that means he thought this did not raise a “substantial issue.” (Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 37(a))

How can credible evidence of egregious government crime in the case not raise a substantial issue?

Then, Assistant US Attorney Kevin Trowel, who is an employee in Garland’s DOJ,  twice called the assertions “frivolous,” meaning they have no arguable basis in fact or the law. Clearly, there’s an arguable basis, with three reputable experts staking their reputations on their analyses that government tampering occurred, and that is relevant to the law.

The appeals judges who denied the stay of the appeal based on this evidence of tampering were primarily Democrats (2 out of 3): Guido Calabres andi Jose Cabranes. If an appeal is not stayed for credible, scientific proof of government tampering, then what appeal should ever be stayed?

Finally, Democrat DOJ’s AG Garland gave awards to the prosecution and FBI team that are implicated in the tampering, for their “distinguished service” in the case, in the 69th Annual Attorney General’s Awards. This was months after the evidence had been filed on the record and had received publicity. Whether this was negligence or part of the coverup, neither is acceptable and he needs to answer some questions to the public about this.

Suneel Chakravorty, power of attorney for Raniere and the manager of the legal and forensics team and  Dr. J. Richard Kiper, Ph.D.

Suneel Chakravorty, power of attorney for Raniere and the manager of the legal and forensics team, stated, “This is scientific proof of evidence manipulation, by specific bad actors in our FBI and our DOJ. This should concern all Americans. No one wants bad actors in government.” 

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