Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 5-01-23 and Beyond: Rebooted Stories Or Treading Familiar Ground?


A new month means exciting new stories, especially during Sweeps!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 5-01-23 and beyond promise surprise pregnancies, Roman searching for a captive Kate, and more.

But with Kate stuck on a fishing boat like she was in 1996 and Nicole again having a miracle pregnancy that isn’t entirely happy news, viewers may feel like they’re watching a rerun.

There are only so many soap plots out there. Stories are bound to contain echoes of the distant past or stories from other soaps. And Days of Our Lives has long been known for repeating similar stories with different characters.

Our love for our favorite characters keeps us coming back, not the expectation of a story that’s never been done before.

In Kate’s case, the story may be a loving tribute to Lauren Koslow’s 25 years on Days of Our Lives. In 1996, when Koslow replaced Deborah Adair, Kat’es supposed death turned into a story where Vivian was holding her captive on a fishing boat.

So when 25 years later, Kate’s supposed death at Bo’s hands turns into her being held captive on a fishing boat by an unknown person, it’s an homage to that old story. Still, the parallel story might be a little too on the nose!

Much of Roman and Kate’s recent story has been a redo of their doomed relationship from years ago (their original marriage ended when the Salem Stalker “killed” Roman on their wedding day in 2003).

So it makes sense that Roman will rescue Kate from her second experience as a captive made to cut up fish, even if it does seem like retreading old ground.

The Nicole story is more annoying. Nicole has had two doomed pregnancies, the second of which she hid from EJ because she was scared of him. Rafe pretended to be the father on that occasion. So, if Nicole’s miracle pregnancy came after a one-night stand with him, that would be an interesting variation on the original.

But instead, Nicole doesn’t know if the baby is EJ’s or Eric’s. Obviously, this story is meant to draw Eric and Nicole back to each other, but it’s a terrible idea.

Nicole has known for years that she cannot carry babies to term (that was one of the issues with her and Eric last time around — she was afraid her inability to give him children would be a problem!). And this a repeat of what JUST happened with Jada/Eric/Nicole!

Now Nicole is pregnant with Eric’s child, and he’s with someone else, but why have Jada have an abortion instead of finishing the ORIGINAL version of this story?

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Nicole is pregnant!

Nicole’s pregnancy story begins during the week of 5-03-23 when Nicole doubles over in pain and demands Gabi take her to the hospital.

Pregnancy should not cause that type of pain unless Nicole has an ectopic pregnancy.

But we know she won’t lose the baby as soon as she finds out about it, so we have to go with this nonsensical way of finding out about the pregnancy.

Roman searches for a captive Kate after learning she is alive.

As mentioned, this repeated story is likely a tribute to Lauren Koslow.

To no one’s surprise, Bo didn’t shoot Kate after all. She escaped the island only to end up captive on a fishing boat.

Poor Kate can’t catch a break, but she also is one tough cookie, so she will get out of this, with or without Roman’s help. The biggest question here is who’s got her now.

Jada closes in on Talia, but things will get dangerous.

This SHOULD be a short-lived story. Talia’s already told many easily-disproven lies and is the only person in Salem with the means and opportunity to drug those biscuits.

Colin seems like a loose cannon so far, though. He has a terrible temper and constantly yells at Talia, making the biggest mystery why she ever got involved with him in the first place.

But that also means it’s not beyond him to hold Talia hostage or otherwise act violently to force the cops to back off.

Wendy makes a choice between Johnny and Tripp, but will a fourth person enter the picture?

It’s about time that Wendy makes a choice, and some time this month, she will.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of it, as spoilers say a fourth person will enter the story and create more complications.

Joey was interested in Wendy before, but he pushed her and Tripp together, so it wouldn’t make sense for it to be him. Maybe it’ll be someone new to Salem.

Andrew gets into a dangerous situation and needs Paul to rescue him.

Yay! Not that I’m glad Andrew is getting into a dangerous situation, but I’d hoped he’d stick around, and this spoiler suggests he will.

Even better: Paul will be back to help rescue Andrew from whatever trouble he gets into.

Hopefully, this adventure will solidify their relationship, which so far has consisted of one visit and multiple comments by John about how much he hopes the guys get together.

Another Dimera enters the fray as Megan plots to escape from prison!

Megan has been skulking around the prison halls and bothering Kristen about developing a sisterly bond by escaping together, so it’s no surprise she’s still scheming.

But who is this new Dimera? Is it another blast from the past or someone we know already?

Andre is always great fun, but the spoiler’s wording suggests someone isn’t on our radar, so it’s likely a new character.

Stephanie moves back toward Alex, upsetting Chad.

Ugh. Why can’t we have a romantic storyline that ISN’T a triangle?

Stephanie had good reasons for breaking up with Alex. He invaded her privacy and interfered with her seeing a seemingly terminally ill Kayla for the last time.

Kayla being alive shouldn’t change that. Alex and Stephanie have both moved on, so let’s keep it that way.

Chloe and Xander’s growing closeness threatens Brady’s desire for a reconciliation.

Yet another triangle. Is there any storyline on Days of Our Lives that DOESN’T involve one?

Chloe and Xander have a fun friendship vibe, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it could or should turn sexual.

Chloe/Brady are probably end game, but if they are, hopefully, it means Brady will grow up and discipline his bratty daughter so she stops getting in the way.

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