The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 12 Review: Dr. Michael Abani


While looking for the truth, following the money will always lead you to it.

The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 12 introduced the latest threat to the Task Force when an ambitious Congressman asked questions about what the money the Task Force spends is for.

Elsewhere, Dembe’s ex called asking for a favor, and following the money, Dembe was able to save an innocent man from being executed.

The new threat to the Task Force and Reddington was not to be taken easily.

Congressman Hudson was motivated by political interests and had a proven track record of exposing unscrupulous government spending, especially when corruption is involved.

What set him apart was that he had little to lose and much to gain.

He was like a shark to blood; once he smelled a little of it, he couldn’t focus on anything else.

We didn’t learn just how dangerous he can be, but mentioning a congressional hearing should be enough to scare anyone. Congress breaks even the toughest of them all.

He appeared smart because he was very careful.

He knew that asking around Washington would spook many people, but maybe he wasn’t that smart since he went directly to the person connected to the Task Force.

His inquiry was enough to scare the Task Force, who found themselves in a position they had never been in before.

Most AUSAs take a little while to get their feet underneath them. Not Arthur. Political corruption cases can be a nightmare for prosecutors. They’re Hudson’s bread and butter. Built his whole congressional campaign on it.


Notably, the episode had no blacklister, which spoke to the dire situation.

There was no doubt that Raymond had always been in control of the whole operation, but it became clear when he ghosted them without offering a case.

Did it dawn on them too little too late that they can’t control Raymond?

Were it not for someone like Agnes, it’s doubtful that Raymond would even be in the same hemisphere as them.

Without high-profile cases to show for it, no Reddington, and no past blacklist files, the Task Force was almost useless.

It was almost sad seeing them realize how badly they were disadvantaged.

I might not like it, but there is nothing we can do to make Reddington do what we want.


Without a case, the episode filled in some gaps in Dembe’s past life and introduced his ex-girlfriend.

Given that The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 11 didn’t feel like it made any strides in progressing the story, it still felt like a useless detour.

The flashbacks showed just how much Dembe had given up to be with Raymond.

He let go of his greatest love and missed out on some of the most formative years of his daughter’s life.

Even after all those years apart, they still had the same chemistry when they went on their first date in France over twenty years prior.

Returning and finding that she had moved on and was engaged to be married was like a smack in the face.

But since she needed his help, he couldn’t say no to her, just like he’d never been able to say no his entire life.

And how could he? She was firm and demanding, something that would scare many men. But she was a great cook, so some, like Dembe, were hooked on that.

Dembe was torn between wishing that Dr. Abani was guilty and maybe he’d get out of her life, or he was innocent and she won’t have to have her heart broken all over again.

Ressler was beside him, trying to help him make sense of his feelings for her.

While we had hoped that this trip to the past would offer more about Dembe than we currently know, it kept repeating everything that had been said. We only learned that Dembe’s daughter had a mother. Duh!

The fast pace of the scenes and the change in scenery from shifting locations made the flashback bearable to watch.

While entertaining in their own rights, these two consecutive episodes have not developed the story significantly.

We don’t know why Raymond is hiding from the Task Force and what he intends to do now that most immediate threats have been immobilized.

And maybe we are building towards that, but it hasn’t been feeling like we are building towards anything.

How come you always come over here, and I never go to your house?


Spending time with Agnes, Reddington may have realized how grown she had become. She was at that stage where she could read human emotions with accuracy and saw that he was struggling with something.

Agnes: How come you sold all your houses
Raymond: Recently, I found myself letting go more and more so that I can better hold on to what I want and still be light on my feet.

She had developed a mature way of speaking where she could articulate everything almost perfectly.

Harold: Did Pinky say where he might be going?
Agnes: He seemed different. But maybe not different. But Morriseau.
Harlod: How’s that?
Agnes: I don’t know. It’s like he’s searching for something but can’t see it. And when he stops it comes to him. It’s like he’s looking for something that’s already there. It’s either in front of him or behind him.
Harold: And what do you suppose it is?
Agnes: Life or death, I guess. Isn’t that what it usually is? Like Charlotte’s Web.

She helped Harold realize that he went easy on Raymond so much because he loved and respected Raymond.

How that informs the next steps he will take when the inevitable comes will be interesting to see.

“Dr. Michael Abani” was imperfect in many ways, but it was elevated by great performances from guest stars Sibongile Mlambo and Zainab Jah, who played Aissa in different eras.

Going into The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 13, we hope for a significant development in the story. We would love to see where the storyline with Siya is heading and what Raymond is planning.

What did you think? Are we being dragged along too much?

Why wasn’t Raymond surprised that a Congressman was investigating the Task Force?

Chime in the comments section, and don’t forget to watch The Blacklist online via TV Fanatic.

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