7 Best Men’s Slippers With Support – Arch Help For 2023


Whether you have flat feet or high arches, wearing comfortable shoes is paramount for your foot health—especially if you’re spending the majority of the day standing. But what happens once you’re kicking back on the couch?

Investing in the best men’s slippers with support is the easiest way to make sure you’re looking after your feet at home. And guess what? There’s plenty of options ready for your consideration.

Keep reading for my lowdown on the must-have styles you should be adding to your downtime collection.

Key Takeaways

To make the perfect list for you, I scoured over countless sites and reviews to make sure I left no slipper unturned. From backless mules to padded moccasins, there’s no shortage of slippers to help keep your feet happy. The toughest part is narrowing down the options that are really worth your investment. Here you’ll find a range of suitable styles, including HENGNI’s orthotic offering and my favorite wallet-friendly pair from KuaiLu.

Our Top Picks

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HENGNI Orthotic Slippers

Why they’re great: Lightweight yet warm, these slippers have been given five stars by hundreds of happy customers. Featuring a wide toe box to let your toes spread and relax, they’re designed to help ease stress and pain often associated with flat feet. Inside you’ll find a soft velvet material that reduces skin damage, while providing cozy cushioning for your kickers. The non-slip outsoles will give you grip on slippery tiles and hardwood floors.

How they feel: HENGNI’s slippers are seriously comfortable, promising to be eternally kind to your trotters. Super soft and cozy, they feel like a comforting hug after a long, stressful day.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: They’re not going to be winning any awards for the best looking slippers anytime soon. But unless you plan on wearing them on a first date, does it really matter?

Material: Not specified | Sizes Available: 7-14 | Colors: 8

KuaiLu Memory Foam Slippers

Why they’re great: Equipped with soft memory foam soles and brilliant arch support, these slippers are great for guys with foot issues. Lightweight and super squishy, they help take the pressure off your feet while reducing muscle fatigue caused by long days standing.

How they feel: It may sound cliché, but they really do have a pillow-like feel. Better yet, they perfectly wrap around your feet, keeping them warm and super comfortable.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Because of the fluffy lining, you may find your feet get a bit hot during the summer months. You certainly won’t need to wear socks.

Material: Wool-Blend | Sizes Available: 7-14 | Colors: 5

Velasca Gnècch Slippers

Why they’re great: After they were originally made in mountain villages, this style of slipper made its way to the Venetian canals where they were worn by gondoliers requiring a comfortable yet stable shoe that was delicate on wood. Today, they’re an excellent option for wearing around the house and running your daily errands. Downtime never looked so smart.

How they feel: Imagine a pair of loafers and up the comfort level a few notches. They give you the durability of a shoe but the softness of a slipper.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: They don’t offer as much support as the other slippers I’ve highlighted, and they can feel a little tight at first. However, after you’ve worn them for a short while, they’ll adapt to your feet and feel super comfortable.

Material: Velvet | Sizes Available: 5-13 | Colors: 7

Skechers Expected X Slippers

Why they’re great: If you’ve ever rocked a pair of Skechers, you’ll know they don’t mess about when it comes to comfort. So it’ll come as no surprise to see these featured in my list of the best men’s slippers with support. Providing a cozy (yet breathable) cocoon for your feet, they will contour to pretty much any foot shape while providing pressure relief and ultimate breathability.

How they feel: Thanks to the gel-infused, high-rebound memory foam, they offer instant comfort that wraps around your feet like a cuddle from mom.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some customers with wide feet have said that they find them a little too small at first. But if you have the patience, they’ll loosen up over time.

Material: Not specified | Sizes Available: 7-14 | Colors: 4

Walk Hero Canvas House Slippers

Why they’re great: There’s no better feeling than putting on a pair of slippers after a long day on your feet. Especially if you’ve been wearing uncomfortable sandals or the types of shoes with hard soles. Walk Hero’s casual clog slippers are just what the doctor ordered (quite literally).

One of the best men’s slippers with support, they feature contoured arch support and a deep heel cup that reduces foot pain caused by flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and achilles tendonitis. The moisture-wicking velvet lining and fuzzy insoles up the comfort further, while there’s non-slip rubber soles for those trips to take out the trash.

How they feel: If you’ve been wearing your pool slides around the house but require something with more support, you’ll love these. They feel warm and soft with just the right amount of squish.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Sizing can run a touch small, so you may need to consider the next size up if you usually struggle with finding shoes to fit.

Material: Canvas | Sizes Available: 8-14 | Colors: 6

EVGLOW House Slippers

Why they’re great: Soft fleece and an orthotic footbed come together to provide ultimate coziness and support. Ideal for easing stress and pain caused by common foot problems, they feature contoured arch support and a U-heel cup. There’s also a wide toe box to allow your feet to relax and spread out naturally.

How they feel: Lightweight yet warm, I’d liken these to your favorite fluffy blanket.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: They’re not like those soccer ball slippers you had as a kid, but you may find them slightly clunkier than your average mule.

Material: Micro suede | Sizes Available: 8-14.5 | Colors: 4

Dearfoams Adjustable Slide Slippers

Why they’re great: Accommodating for wide feet thanks to the adjustable fastening, these slide on slippers allow ample air flow, making them as suitable for summer as they are for the winter months. The breathable knit uppers keep the foot comfortable and moisture-free, while the memory foam insoles ensure cushioning with every step.

How they feel: These slippers are fitted with a multi-density cushioned insole that has gel-infused memory foam. What that basically means is: they’re ridiculously comfortable.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: I’ve seen a few complaints about the placement of the brand tag, which you’ll find where your heel goes. Having said that, it seems others haven’t found it an issue.

Material: 100% Polyester | Sizes Available: 7-14 | Colors: 9

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Buying Considerations for The Best Men’s Slippers With Support 


Pay close attention to the arch support structure within the slippers. Look for models with contoured footbeds or insoles specifically designed to provide proper arch support. Ensure that the arch support aligns with your foot’s natural arch to promote comfort and reduce strain.


When looking for the best men’s slippers with support, comfort is key. Assess the level of cushioning and padding in the slippers. Look for options with plush, cushioned insoles that offer both arch support and overall foot comfort. Memory foam or gel inserts can be particularly beneficial for added cushioning.


Don’t forget to consider the quality of materials and construction. Durable, high-quality materials like suede or leather can ensure longevity. Additionally, check the outsole for traction, especially if you plan to occasionally wear your slippers outdoors. A durable and non-slip outsole can provide stability and safety.

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Why You Should Trust Us

As a regular fashion writer at FashionBeans, it’s my job to keep on top of the products you need to know about. For this article, I used my trusted resources and a bunch of online reviews to provide you with a round-up of the best men’s slippers with support. What started as a list of over 40 styles has now been narrowed down to just seven.

Final Verdict

The selection of slippers I’ve shared in this article all offer the ideal blend of style, comfort, and essential support features. Whether you prioritize arch support, cushioning, or durability, here you’ll find a slipper suitable for every preference.

Investing in quality footwear, like HENGNI’s, can make a significant difference in your daily comfort and can even help alleviate foot-related issues. Lightweight yet warm, they’re chosen by thousands of happy customers that love their cozy cushioning, wide toe box, and non-slip outsoles.


    • Orthopedic slippers are specially designed to provide enhanced support and comfort for individuals with various foot and lower limb issues. These slippers are crafted with a focus on orthopedic principles to promote proper foot alignment and alleviate discomfort or pain associated with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis, and flat feet.

      • Slippers with arch support provide the wearer with additional comfort and stability to the arches of the feet. They feature built-in arch support structures, often in the form of contoured footbeds or insoles. These help maintain proper foot alignment and reduce strain on the arches.

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