“Night of the Caregiver” Starring Eileen Dietz and Natalie Denise Sperl Streaming On Tubi, Amazon Prime and Vudu

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“Night of the Caregiver” starring Natalie Denise Sperl and The Exorcist’s Eileen Dietz is now streaming on Tubi, Amazon Prime and Vudu, and definitely provides chills and thrills for all horror movie enthusiasts.


Hospice nurse Julia Rowe is hired to be caregiver for Lillian Gresham, who lives in an isolated house in a remote area. Although she is terminally ill, the elderly Lillian is a cordial and sweet lady. However, as the night goes on, Julia suspects something demonic is also dwelling in the house causing she and Lillian to be in grave danger…

Natalie Denise Sperl is an award-winning actress, filmmaker and musician. She has over 50 acting credits including hit TV shows “Two and A Half Men”, “How I Met Your Mother”, NCIS and more. In the film world she is known for her starring roles in “Rock Monster”, “Succubus Hell Bent”, and as Greta Garbo in David Finchers’ Oscar winning film “MANK’.

Eileen Dietz immortalized herself as a horror icon when she portrayed two memorable roles in the film “The Exorcist”. Cast as the demon who possessed Regan where she performed all the better known scenes in the film: the vomiting, the levitation, the death scene, the abuse of the cross sequence and many others. She also played the infamous Face of Death aka Pazuzu aka Captain Howdy. She has been a staple in the world of entertainment ever since.

“Night of the Caregiver” also stars Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts, Joe Cornet (who also directs and produces), Anna Oris and Savannah Jensen.

Watch the trailer for “Night of the Caregiver” here:

“Night of the Caregiver” is available for streaming on Tubi, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Stream “Night of the Caregiver” on Tubi:


The official website for Natalie Denise Sperl may be found at https://www.nataliedenisesperl.com

The official website for Eileen Dietz may be found at http://www.eileendietz.com

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