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Born in The A (Atlanta), but raised in L.A. (Los Angeles), Roxanne Luciano is an Artist to keep a watchful eye on in 2022 and many years to come.  As we slowly ease our way out of a global pandemic, Roxanne Luciano is a sure bet to bring some sick energy back onto the dance floors and into our living rooms across America!  Her mass appeal, driven by high energy beats and dope lyrical delivery, will no doubt guide Luciano  to eventually becoming a global Crossover Artist, sure to break-off other female MC’s, much like A.I. (Iverson) did to M.J. (Jordan) back in the day!
It should be no real surprise that Roxanne Luciano is heading down this musical path, as she is the only daughter of 90’s music industry mogul, Tony Mercedes.  For those too young to remember, Mercedes burst onto the music scene in’92, prior to Luciano’s birth, with the mega Booty-Bass anthem, “Dazzey Duks” by Duice.  Mercedes was also the liaison responsible for bringing Dunkey Butt” (12 Guage) Tag Team’s “Whoomp! There It Is”, to both Scotti Brothers & Bellmark Records respectively.  He later became an Executive at LaFace Records, where he would go on to work with the likes of TLC, on their mega-hit “No Scrubbs”.  Then, out pops Luciano from the womb and the rest is now evolving into musical history!  “I believe I was born to do this music thang”, boasts a very proud Luciano.  “I remember seeing all those Gold Platinum plaques hanging up in our house and then, of course, learning exactly what they represented as I was growing up”.
Twenty  years later, nobody could’ve predicted that Roxanne Luciano’s most successful single to date, “Whole Lotta Cash”, would be gaining momentum at such a rapid pace Nationally.  “People automatically thought I’d end up doing Southern Trap or West Coast G-Funk, based on my ties & roots to both Atlanta & L.A.”, states Luciano.   “I do love that type of music, like Cardi B, Megan THEE Stallion, Gucci Mane & Saweetie, to name a few, and would absolutely love to collaborate with them in the future… I always loved the energy of Bass music as a kid, but never thought I’d end up doing a Bass record.  My dad & I get a real kick out of the fact that my very first National breakthrough, may actually be a Bass record, of all things”.  Luciano’s very first single, “Rich Rich”had some sporadic regional success and actually aired on BET JAMS & The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.
The rapid rise up the charts of “Whole Lotta…” is due in large part to its familiarity with DJ’s, on the heels of the “Whole Lotta Choppa’s”/Sada Baby record, as well as “Whoomp!…” and even the original 80’s Techno-Funk anthem “I’m Ready” by Kano.  Add to the equation a super-dope, DJ friendly Remix by DJ Richie Rich from Ultimix/Funkymix, along with the hype vocals of legendary Bass Hype Frontman, 3 Chain Shawty (Formerly of STYLZ & The J.I.Z., Quad City DJ’s, Southsyde B.O.I.Z., Southsyde Conn X shuN & Blackout fame), and it’s clear to see how THIS formula for success came together… “I’m truly blessed”, states Luciano, “…and I appreciate ALL the support from my ‘Roxii’s’ & the DJ’s alike throughout the World!”
  “Drop the Addy” premiers on March 25th! 

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