Rising superstar DEF Noodles has paid his dues, coming to the US from living his life in Brazil, learning how to shed his South American accent at will, visiting every open mic night possible in New York, taking classes in improv, and then starving in a tiny room in LA, he has come out the
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When Ross Smith first captured a video with his grandma, Kana (aka “Gangster Granny”), and posted it to Vine ten years ago, neither he nor his beloved matriarch could have dreamed just how far their video collaborations would go. Especially not Granny, who thought Ross was taking photos of the two of them for several
Join Marc Gordon as he cleverly combines humor, social commentary, and musical talent in his thought-provoking brand-new album, “Funktastic.” The album touches on relevant topics of today– politics, COVID(Citizens of the World vs. Internet Divides), and social distancing. Other songs are re-imagined hits from the likes of Bob Marley, James Brown, Miley Cyrus & and Eminem. This