5 Best Norelco Shavers: Closeness, Comfort & Style in 2024


Philips is the powerhouse of shaving brands. Whether you’re looking for a reliable head shaver, a face-taming face razor—or both—you can’t go wrong with a good old Philips product.

Manscaping or beard styling aspirations aside, the Norelco is, without a doubt, the cream of the Philips grooming product crop.

These razor-sharp series of manscaping innovations are long-lasting, easy to use, and boast some pretty nifty shaving features.

But, what are the features you should look for in the best Norelco shavers around? And how do you know which ones are right for your personal needs?

Read on and discover all you need to know here in this definitive rundown of the best Philip Norelco shaver products on the market right now.

Key Takeaways

Much the same as when you’re looking for the right shaving cream or any other kind of grooming product, for that matter, considering your personal needs is a must.

You should think about how often you might use your Norelco shaver and whether you’ll need something with shaping, trimming, or stying tools. Battery running time is an important factor, too.

On my journey, I’ve discovered that the best of the best Norelco shavers is the One Blade 360 because of its all-around performance and universal appeal.

If you’re looking for something a little more lavish and high-tech, the 7800 will deliver the goods. And if you’re looking fir an everyday Norelco that will see you right, the Multigroom could be the one for you.

man shaving his beard with a norelco 7000 series
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Tops among the best Norelco shavers: Philips Norelco One Blade 360

Why it’s great: As one of the Norelco range’s shining exports, the One Blade 360 has a little something for every type of groomer. In fact, its pure face-taming prowess makes it a top-selling product year after year.

In addition to its 100% ergonomic slimline design and exceptional waterproofing, the Norelco One Blade 360 also boasts a glide-coated blade that moves freely with the contours of your face.

In addition to its superior blade, this bad boy also comes complete with an edging tool and trimming guides, so you can achieve pretty much any beard or stubble style you want with minimal fuss or irritation. Oh, and it also comes complete with an all-important Climate-Friendly Pledge—another reason this Philips Norelco razor is my number one pick.

Who is this for? This epic product is perfect for pretty much everyone with a short to medium beard, even grooming newbies. Its innovative design and styling accessories are ideal for achieving almost every type of manscaping style. It’s a real all-rounder.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The only small thing that lets the One Blade 360 down is that its battery life is not quite as good as some of the other Norelco products.

Battery Life: 45 mins  | Waterproof: Yes | Beard Type: Short to medium | Skin Type: All

Norelco All-In-One

Why it’s great: This trusty addition to the Philips Norelco range is both a shaver and a trimmer in one decidedly neat package. Oh, and it’s very budget-friendly. In addition to its affordable price point, this Philips Norelco product comes with a range of clipper guards, a nose trimmer attachment, and a cool carry case that is perfect for traveling.

This no-nonsense Norelco also boasts a solid 60 minutes of battery running time as well as easy-clean self-sharpening blades, a smooth motor, and a highly graspable handle. It’s a really sturdy piece of kit that will offer plenty of bang for your grooming buck.

Who is it for? This is perfect for guys who travel a lot and like to keep things neat. With its extensive range of attachments, this is also an excellent shaver for guys who like to sport slightly more intricate stubble, sideburn, or beard styles.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This may be a little light-duty for fellas with coarse facial hair or particularly thick beards.

Battery Life: 60 mins  | Waterproof: Yes | Beard Type: All | Skin Type: All


Norelco 7800 Series

Why it’s great: This beautiful beast is a real shaving sight to behold. This powerful wet and dry grooming innovation is one of the most lavish products in the Norelco range, and it shaves as smooth as butter.

Although it doesn’t have any beard trimming or shaping capabilities, this high-performance shaver is perfect for guys who like that classic clean-shaven or well-crafted five o’clock shadow look.

In addition to its highly ergonomic design and fully flexible heads with skin-protecting microbeads, this epic shaver is equipped with leading SenseIQ Technology. This means that it tracks how you shave and autonomously moves in a way that helps to improve your shaving experience time after time. Pretty mind-blowing stuff.

Who is it for? As mentioned, this is perfect for fellas who like a superior clean shave or a well-crafted stubbled look. Basically, it’s the perfect tool for grooming perfectionists with deep pockets!

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is an expensive entry in our list of the best Norelco shavers and will prove a little redundant if you need something that doubles up as a styling tool.

Battery Life: 60 mins  | Waterproof: Yes | Beard Type: Short to none | Skin Type: Sensitive to normal

Norelco 3600

Why it’s great: This solid and affordable Philips Norelco shaver sports a treasure trove of top reviews on Amazon, and it also comes with a handy little pop-up trimmer. Neat. This powerhouse of a shaver has all of the ergonomic features and charm of its more lavish sibling—the 7800—but it’s a fraction of the price.

In addition to its triple-threat Comfort Cut wet and dry blades, this Norelco shaver also has a rubber grip on the upper handle for a smoother shaving experience. The blades are self-sharpening, and the shaver also boasts a solid 60 minutes of running time.

Oh, the pop-up trimmer is also a handy feature for fellas looking to shape up their beards or sideburns.

Who is it for? This Norelco shaver is brilliant for guys who like a close shave but also need something that will help them sculpt facial hair designs, as and when the mood takes them.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This may not be the best option if you have a bigger beard style that commands more trimming or shaping.

Battery Life: 60 mins  | Waterproof: Yes | Beard Type: Short to none | Skin Type: Sensitive to normal

Why it’s great: As my best Philips Norelco shaver pick for everyday use, the mighty Multigroom offers a little something for everyone—and it’s super simple to use. As a shaving and manscaping allrounder, the Multigroom strikes the perfect balance between shaver and styler.

Its stainless steel body and slimline design make it easy to achieve an even shave and move with the contours of your face and neckline. This epic groomer also comes with 14 clipper attachments, including edging tools, and its smooth-as-butter motor will make your everyday shaving or styling experience totally seamless.

Oh, and it boasts a colossal five hours of battery running time (no, that’s not a typo).

Who is it for? This is perfect for the manscaping enthusiast who likes to craft and tame their facial mane on the daily with the most minimal fuss possible.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: If you’re looking for something that will give you an extra close, extra clean shave—you might want to look elsewhere.

Battery Life: 5 hrs  | Waterproof: Yes | Beard Type: All | Skin Type: All

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Buying Considerations for The Best Norelco Shavers

Battery life

First of all, when you’re weighing up the best Norelco shavers for your needs, you should take battery life into account. As a general rule of thumb, you should choose a Norelco shaver with a minimum battery runtime of 45 minutes to ensure you can get at least three shaves from one charge. If you travel a lot and like to stay slick on the road, choosing a Philips Norelco shaver with a slightly longer running time is your best bet.


Another key ‘best Norelco shaver’ to look out for is waterproofing. When you’re using an electric shaver of any kind, the last thing you want to worry about is water damage (or getting a shock!)—so it’s always best to check your product’s specs beforehand.

Basically, if any Norelco product on your shortlist isn’t water-resistant, you should probably give it a miss. It will only cause you inconvenience in the long run.

Beard or stubble type

Last but certainly not least, when you’re looking for your dream Philips Norelco shaver, you should consider your stubble type and specific manscaping needs.

If you have coarser or thicker hair, for instance, you should go for a Norelco that’s a little more robust and will give you the best grooming outcome without snags, irritation, or rashes.

Also, if you have a beard style that commands a bit of finesse or manscaping wizardry, you should go for something that has trimming capabilities and shaping or edging features.

man shaving his beard in-front of the mirror
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How We Chose

To choose each product for my best Norelco shavers shortlist, I did some personal testing and ranked different shavers from the Norelco range based on a few pieces of key criteria.

Using this approach, I also scoured online forums as well as reviews extensively. Here are the attributes I focused on to make my decision.

  • User reviews: There’s not much better than a good old bit of social proof. So, when I’m creating my product shortlist, I always dig deeper into user reviews, ratings, and testimonials. That way, I know that everything on the list is tried, tested, and trustworthy.
  • Price point: To ensure that each product offers maximum value for money, I also look at the price and consider if the product is actually worth it. To do so, I look at materials, features, battery running type, and blade type.
  • Ergonomics: Every product on my shortlist of the best Norelco shavers is also vetted for ease of use, dimensions, handle style, grips, and a treasure trove of other ergonomic features.

Why Trust Us?

When it comes to men’s razors and grooming products, Dan is committed to crafting in-depth content that readers at FashionBeans trust.

With a discerning eye for style, beauty, and practicality, Dan has dug deep into the pros and cons of grooming tools to make sure that you reach the most informed decisions for your personal grooming needs. Dan’s expertise isn’t just theoretical—it’s founded on testing and unwavering research.

Dan’s approach to choosing the best Norelco shavers for this article was rigorous. He compared countless models, considering factors like blade precision, battery life, and usability.

Plus, Dan talked to professional barbers to understand the tools they trust and why they trust them. This blend of first-hand testing, niche knowledge, and a pure commitment to quality ensures that when Dan recommends something, it’s worth your consideration.

Trust Dan to keep you well-groomed and in style, just as countless Fashion Beans readers do.

Final Verdict

With a slimline design that suits pretty much every type of groomer imaginable and a wallet-friendly price to match, the One Blade 360 is my number-one pick among the best Philips Norelco shavers.

It is a breeze to use, and its game-changing pivoting double-sided blade glides effortlessly across even the most acute of facial contours. It’s also easy to grip and built to last.

But although the One Blade 360 takes the top spot, every single Philips Norelco shaver on my list is the cream of the grooming crop. So, mull over your personal grooming preferences, work your way back through my list, and pick your perfect Philips Norelco companion.


    • In a word, yes. Philips shaving products are reliable, reputable, and crafted with quality materials.


      Whether you want a head shaver, full face razor, or a delicate beard trimmer, you’ll find the right product within the ever-expanding Norelco range.

      • While the Edge 360 is without a doubt the most popular (and slimline) of the Norelco range, there are several innovations available for every kind of groomer—even first-time shavers.

        The best thing to do is consider your personal needs, look through my definitive product picks list, and take your pick.

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