90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Heart My Broken


We’ll stop watching this madness the day Jihoon gets a decent paying, legal job. In other words, never.

So many revelations were shared on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 3. Jihoon and Sumit may or may not be lying about their lives to their loved ones.

Brittany and Yazan are not on the same page at all, and his romantic prospects included a relative?

And Kenneth continues to have our hearts with his family and love for Armando. Check out the highlights below!

Jobless Jihoon Strikes Again

Is anyone shocked that Jihoon still doesn’t have a job? Probably not.

Jihoon has watched one too many episodes of Martin and probably thinks it’s cool to be the Tommy who doesn’t have a job, but it’s not amusing to Deavan nor the kids.

The funniest moment goes to Jihoon, actually consulting his barber on career options like he’s talking to the guidance counselor at high school.

Babe, get it together.

Especially since he’s telling Deavan that he has a job, or was it two jobs? And he’s getting paid $3000-7000, or something.

CoVid Hit South Korea Hard

We did get a glimpse of an up to date Deavan as she dons a face mask and talks about how they have been affected living in Korea during the pandemic. It still doesn’t sound like Jihoon has a job, but at least he’s in good company this time.

Kissing Cousins?

Yazan gives his side of what he finds attractive about Brittany, and it’s her skintight winning personality coming through in all of her photos. But he’s also on the traditional side, and he’s already plotting to have her in hijab and other garments when she comes to Jordan.

So, are they doomed? It sounds like they’re doomed.

Even Yazan knows that he probably shouldn’t be marrying Brittany. He and his brother let it slip that Yazan should’ve married a relative as his parents did.

Wait; what? Are we talking like cousins or something? Nevermind.

Knocked Up Part II

Ariela isn’t the only one repeating history with Biniyam; he’s doing the same.

She just casually dropped on us that Biniyam was previously married and knocked up another American before, and he hasn’t seen his kid since he or she was born.

Welp. All of this screams “hot mess.”

A Little Casual Bigotry Amongst Family

If Ariela’s situation with Biniyam isn’t complicated enough, then let’s add into the mix that she’s a devout Jewish white woman marrying an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian.

Dad is mad about this development. Ariela’s father lowkey doesn’t like that she’s marrying an Ethiopian Christian, go figure. And her mother is deadset on heading to Ethiopia herself to meet the man who knocked up her daughter.

Ariela is determined to raise her kid Jewish, Biniyam’s wishes be damned. Yeah, we’re going to have to meet this guy.

Grab your popcorn, folks. It’s about to get good.

That Awkward Moment When Your Fiancee Is Older Than Your Mom

Sumit’s parents are NOT happy about Sumit moving in with Jenny, and his brother was having a ball laying into him about this fact.

He laid out their traditions and didn’t mince words about Sumit bringing shame to the family with his decisions.

Jenny still thinks she’s going to magically be embraced by this family, huh? Bless her heart.

“Mom, you’re embarrassing me.”

The real MVP’s of this series are Jenny’s daughters. They cannot believe Jenny is this naive and gullible, and they’re trying everything in their power to get her to see the light without treating her like an idiot.

Jenny only has Sumit’s word that the divorce is taking place, and I mean, Sumit’s word doesn’t mean shiitake mushrooms.

When You and Your Dad’s Boyfriends Are the Same Age …

It’s awkward AF when your dad is dating someone who is the same age as your girlfriend, but if anyone can get away with this, it’s Hot Zaddy Kenneth, so we’ll allow it.

But Kenneth keeps bringing all the feels and making us forget that this franchise is all about trashy fun. His kids are so pure and sweet. They love their dad, and it’s ripping their hearts out that he’s moving away.

They had the best reaction to his announcement that he’s proposing to Armando. They’re just worried that he won’t be accepted by Armando’s family, and family is important to this cute brood.

It’s OK. Armando and Kenneth have an entire internet family showering them with love, dammit.

Sis, You Thought

Deaven thought she would move to Korea and be a stay-at-home mom. Has Deavan been living the same thing that we’ve been watching?

She knows the man she’s in love with, right? If she plans on staying home with the kids, then she better brace herself because he’s going to be staying home with her.

Lies Are Bad on Your Liver

Brittany still hasn’t told Yazan that she’s still married, and it’s going to take half a year before her divorce is final.

Based on her slamming back an entire bottle of vodka while packing, this is NOT going to go well.

Brittany isn’t cut out for this Jordan life no matter how much she thinks she can prove something to Yazan’s family, and Yazan can’t turn a ho…pless romantic career woman like Brittany into a modest housewife.

Are we taking bets on the two of them lasting? It looks like they may not even make it out of the airport.

Over to you, 90 Day Fanatics. Is Jihoon lying about having a job? Should Jenny go back to India to be with Sumit?

What are the odds Brittany and Yazan will last? Hit the comments below.

You can watch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way online here via TV Fanatic!

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