Beacon Audiobooks Releases “Stinger: An International Thriller” Written By Author Gregory D. Lee


It’s February 2023. An Alluring and determined CIA Case Officer, June Cohen, must flawlessly execute an unsanctioned plan of action or the U.S. will invade Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction.

She coerces Robaire Assaly, a Los Angeles based DEA Confidential Informant, to take part in her elaborate scheme. Robaire agrees, however, in doing so, he must betray his long-time DEA Agent handler, Gary Lowery, to get what she needs. Robaire soon realizes June has tricked him into taking the blame for stealing a Stinger missile, which she pulled off right under the nose of the hapless FBI.

The duped FBI and Gary desperately want Robaire. He’s now frantically on the run as an international fugitive with the FBI and Gary relentlessly pursuing him and the stolen Stinger before it is used against an unknown target. However, June finds Robaire first before he can reveal the CIA’s involvement to the Feds.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Stinger: An International Thriller” written by author Gregory D. Lee and narrated by Doug Greene.

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