Beacon Audiobooks Releases “The Wedding March” By Author Rob Smat


When California’s local and state governments enacted sweeping COVID pandemic restrictions, San Diego wedding planner Amy Ulkutekin found herself forced to fight for the survival of both her industry and her own small business.

A need for social impact quickly developed into political action, bringing her to the steps of California’s state capitol, followed by hundreds of protestors, all dressed for a wedding.

While many accounts will be written about the year 2020, most of which will discuss COVID and its lasting impact on society, The Wedding March presents a unique microcosm of the struggle endured by both a specific sect of the population as well as the United States at large. Small business owners (like this book’s subject) and individuals alike battled wars of attrition against governments, corporations, and healthcare behemoths. This book is the triumphant true story of one such business owner faced with the threat of financial ruin.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “The Wedding March: A David vs. Goliath Battle in Gavin Newsom’s Golden State” written by author Rob Smat and narrated by David Cantor.

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