Black Widow Funko Pop! Leak Reveals New Looks for Natasha and Alexei


Some Black Widow Funko Pop! figure designs have leaked. Marvel Studios was set to have the Natasha Romanoff standalone movie out in theaters at the beginning of this month. However, due to the world’s current state of affairs, that was not possible. The studio has since pushed the release date back to November of this year, pushing the Eternals movie back to early next year. Since the movie was all set to open in theaters nearly two weeks ago, the merchandise was ready to go to coincide with the release.

The first of the Funko Pop! figure leaks features a bruised and battered Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) carrying a grappling hook. She looks like she has seen some better days in the upcoming figure from the Marvel Collector Corps box, which generally features spoilers. In the past, we’ve seen Captain America wielding Mjolnir from Avengers: Endgame and a Spider-Man: Far From Home figure featuring Peter Parker in the Netherlands soccer jersey. For fans looking for spoilers, these knew Black Widow Funko toys really don’t provide anything.

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The second Black Widow Funko Pop! figure is Alexei, aka, the Red Guardian, who is played by David Harbour in the movie. The figure is in plain clothing and is holding a Red Guardian action figure, which proves just how famous he used to be. It looks like Alexei may have to get back into fighting shape to join Natasha Romanoff and crew to take on the Red Room and Taskmaster. As for the secrets in the movie, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans from the U.K. will be able to see the movie a week before North America, starting on October 28th, as long as things keep moving forward in a positive direction.

As for who the villainous Taskmaster is, that is still a very big mystery. A lot of people are under the assumption that O-T Fagbenle’s Mason character is the man behind the mask. He recently addressed those rumors on an Instagram video. “There’s a whole conspiracy theory that I’m Taskmaster,” the actor stated. “You probably are,” responded his friend who is also in the video. “You’re trying to get it out as well? I thought we spoke about this, I thought we were going to keep some s*** on the DL,” concluded Fagbenle.

There’s still a whole lot about the Black Widow movie that we don’t know and Marvel Studios is likely working overtime to make sure nothing leaks. The movie was very close to opening in theaters when it was pushed back, so there could very well be some big spoilers lurking around certain corners of the internet. With that being said, it might be a good idea to stay away from posts claiming to have knowledge about Black Widow for the rest of the year if you’d like to go in spoiler-free. These Funko Pop! leaks originated from Reddit.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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