Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Victor Have Fired Xander?


Brady blackmailed Victor into firing Xander, Sarah got black-out drunk and plotted revenge, Gabi got played, and Orpheus abducted David and John this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by UhSir from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Victor should have fired Xander, does Sarah have a drinking problem, if Nicole and Kristen are the same, and what was the stupidest moment in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Victor fired Xander. What’s your reaction?

UhSir: I’m fine with it. I think Victor will make a deal with Xander. We’ll either find out next week or after the fact.

The latter will be more fun for me. As for the Titan stuff, snooze, I certainly don’t trust Brady with it, especially now. I’m ready for Brady to move on with Kristen to the dark side named DiMera.

I’m bored with the constant fighting between him and Victor. I’d love to see Philip come back and be given the CEO position. I’m okay if he wants to stay in Chicago and only shows up occasionally.

I’d also love for Victor to put Xander in charge of the family. He’s totally proven himself there. Let Xander take over the dirty work of protecting the family and let Victor settle down, relax, and focus on Maggie.

Jack: I was so angry about this!

Xander has been nothing but loyal to Victor, and Victor fired him moments after Xander ran to the prison at his bequest to try to save Maggie!

Plus, Brady has disowned Victor how many times now? There was no reason for Victor to give into Brady on this one.

Let Brady be a spoiled brat somewhere else (and side note: Even though Victor was wrong to orchestrate the baby switch, that doesn’t make it his fault that Kristen is on the run. All Kristen had to do was NOT STAB VICTOR, and she wouldn’t have this problem.)

Brady and Sarah are acting like Xander did a horribly evil thing to mess up people’s lives on purpose. Xander tried to stand up to Victor and ultimately gave in because he thought it was best for both Sarah and Maggie. That’s very different from the malicious activities he used to engage in.

Christine: That was so wrong! Xander has been incredibly loyal, has done everything that Victor has asked, and loves Sarah and Maggie. He didn’t deserve this.

Now it’s your turn Days of Our LIves fans! Was Victor right to fire Xander?

Should Ciara still have a job at Titan? Why or why not?

UhSir: No. Ciara only cares about what Ciara wants, and right now, that’s Ben. She has zero family values. She never noticed anything wrong with her mother. She only sees Victor when there’s something in it for her. How can she be trusted to care about Titan?

Jack: Absolutely not. She never really did any work there. She spent her workdays trying to find evidence that her bosses belonged in jail or gallivanting with Ben during working hours.

The way she dresses is not work appropriate, either, and she’s convinced Ben that spending extra time with her is more important than getting to work on time more than once. Why on Earth would Victor want an employee like this?

Christine: Victor must really love his granddaughter because she has little to no redeeming value as an employee. She rarely shows up, and when she does, she always seems to have her own agenda.

And as Jack pointed out above, her outfits make her look like a teenager looking for the wrong kind of attention. I keep waiting for Ciara to grow up, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Do you think that Sarah has a drinking problem, and is her and Brady’s plot for revenge good for anyone, including viewers?

UhSir: Yes. Sarah is unable to recognize when she’s had enough, and then she wakes up with no memory.

As for the revenge, no, this is not going to be entertaining at all. What kind of damage can Brady do as CEO when Victor has controlling interest? Not much.

The instant Brady’s actions affect the stock, poof, Victor, and the board will toss him to the curb. Oh boy, corporate politics, that’s the stuff that Soap viewers beg to see. 

Jack: Sarah definitely has a drinking problem, and it’s a shame the writers aren’t going there. Maggie dealing with her daughter’s alcoholism would be a meaty story (that two-second Summer dying of liver disease story doesn’t count.)

And seriously, Sarah’s reaction to her mom being in prison for vehicular manslaughter due to drunk driving is to drink herself into a stupor and not remember the night before when she wakes up?

There are SO many red flags for alcoholism there, but unfortunately, these writers tend to write excessive drinking as okay unless they’ve chosen to write an alcoholism story at the moment.

In any case, I’m burned out on revenge plots after Gabi’s ten-millionth one, and I’m pretty sure this is heading in the direction of Brady falling for Sarah until Kristen reappears. Yawn.

Christine: Yes. When Sarah is upset, she uses alcohol to forget, literally, since she becomes blackout drunk. That’s become her pattern, and that’s a problem.

As for this revenge plot…zzz. I’m burned out on revenge in Salem. Can’t the writers come up with something else more interesting?

Was Kayla’s reaction to Jake over-the-top, or does she have the right to be that upset with him?

UhSir: I don’t know about her being justified or not, but I can understand it. Doctors are human, too, and this is hitting right in the heart for her.

It doesn’t matter whether Jake is Stefan or not and whether or not Jake knew what Stefan had done. Asking Kayla if she’s sure about the serum was disrespectful.

Jack: That was totally over the top. There’s no proof whatsoever that Jake is actually Stefan. He happens to look like him. He didn’t deserve her anger when his only interaction with her was to ask how accurate her drug analysis was.

Christine: I love Kayla, but her reaction was totally over the top. As far as we know, Jake isn’t Stefan, and he’s not responsible for that man’s horrible actions.

I understand Kayla having an emotional reaction to seeing Jake, but he didn’t deserve her wrath, and Kayla is smart enough to realize that.

Eric was furious that Brady let Kristen take the baby after she tried to kill Victor. Do you see a difference between Kristen trying to kill Victor and Nicole trying to kill Victor?

UhSir: Not really. Victor was evil to both of them. But in both situations, I don’t think trying to kill him was the solution.

Jack: My memories of Nicole’s attempt are fuzzy at this point, but as I recall, it was self-defense when he was actively abusing her. That’s very different than Kristen impulsively stabbing Victor because she’s angry that his plan to protect Maggie deeply hurt her.

Kristen does have a problem when it comes to anger and her baby problem. She lashed out similarly at Haley, resulting in her death, and years ago, her first attempt at reformation failed when she miscarried. But that doesn’t make it okay to go around violently attacking people over it, and all she did was screw herself over. 

If she’d left Victor alone or kept her response to a verbal attack, she would not have to choose between going on the run or going to prison, and she and Brady could be a family with the baby. That’s on her, no one else.

Christine: Not really. Kristen lashed out in anger because Victor made her think her child was dead. I’m not justifying her actions, but I can understand her rage.

If I remember correctly, Nicole married Victor for the money, then had an affair. When Victor found out about it, he was going to divorce her, and Nicole got Jan Spears to try and electrocute Victor in the bathtub. That’s way more premeditated than what Kristin did and for a lot less reason.

In your opinion, what was the stupidest story or character of the week, and why?

UhSir: Not stupid, but Hope was completely useless. She’s just a shell of who she used to be.

Jack: It’s a toss-up between Gabi being the stupidest character and this Orpheus/John story being the most idiotic.

It’s bad enough that Rolf tricked Gabi once. Right after he confessed to tricking her, he implied that maybe Stefan was still alive after all…and she believed him. What?

As for Orpheus/John, this story was ridiculous altogether. We had a bunch of cops in the room with Marlena NOT tracing the call, two cops believing Zoey was lying about where she was going and not following her to see what she was up to.

Then, a two-year-old who was not scared about being taken away from his home by a man who tied up his babysitter and took him to a warehouse where another man was tied up, and that same two-year-old being capable of following directions to try to untie John and having the patience to keep trying for a relatively long period of time.

Plus, Orpheus has no real reason to be against John since his problem was always that Roman shot his wife and John is not Roman, and no reason to need millions of dollars since he formerly owned an island.

The flashback of his last confrontation of John specifically included Orpheus being angry that his children hated him and wanted nothing to do with him — so why was Evan in cahoots with him to kidnap Maggie? Why did Zoey even ever talk to him? Why did he attack her?

And why did Rafe let Zoey have unsupervised time with David in the first place when he didn’t trust her?

Christine: I couldn’t believe that Rate allowed Zoey to babysit David! How does this man work in law enforcement and not hurt himself through his own stupidity?

Also, how many times can Ben be late to work for his brand new job? In real life, he would have been fired before the week was out.

And if Brady loves Maggie, how does getting revenge on Victor help her?

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

UhSir: I always love Victor and Xander conversations. My favorite this week was when Victor asked Xander if he’d told Sarah he’d saved Maggie’s life. Xander: Oh, yeah. She says she forgave me for everything, and we walked off into the sunset together. She hates my guts. It’s a permanent condition.

Jack: I loved Rolf’s conversation with Gabi, especially this Days of Our Lives quote:

Gabi: Why are you doing this? Why are you lying?
Rolf: Because I don’t like you.

Rolf spoke for a large portion of the audience on that one and calling Stefan a cheap knockoff of Stefano was an added bonus.

Christine: Victor and Xander’s conversations were my favorite, which made it all the more painful when Victor fired him!

It’s your turn TV Fanatics! Hit that BIG, BLUE, SHOW COMMENTS BUTTON down below so we can hear from you.

Want to chat more about Rolf playing Gabi? Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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