DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 14 Review: Swan Thong


It wouldn’t be a DC’s Legends of Tomorrow finale with a bit of time jumping, chaos, and…a Shake Weight?

It was up to the Legends to restore free will in the world on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 14 after Lachesis used Gideon to gain power and exert her control.

The hour was full of sadness and goodbyes that were disguised as light-hearted humor, keeping up with the theme of the show while also tying off some loose ends.

Why must they tease us with Zari 1.0 if she was only going to stay around for a couple of episodes?

Yes, they intended for Nate to get some closure as he has been struggling to remember the old timeline with Zari 1.0 for all of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5, but it felt like anything but closure for the two lovebirds.

Zari 1.0: I just wish…I wish I was leaving you with some, something.
Nate: You, you are. And you have. I mean, I lost everything at Heyworld, all of our memories. But you brought those back to me. And now I get to remember the woman I love forever. No regrets.
Zari 1.0: No regrets.

It did however reignite the notion that Nate and Zari 1.0 belong together, and their goodbye felt too easy and too lax.

They made it pretty clear that Behrad and both Zari’s cannot exist within the same timeline, so the probability of Zari 1.0 ever coming back is slim to none.

But her story does not feel finished yet, and she has gone through too much to be reduced to a life inside a totem. We already had to say goodbye to Zari 1.0 on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 16, don’t make us do it again.

If there is one thing that has come full circle with Zari 1.0’s storyline, it is her grief of losing Behrad. We finally got to see the moment Behrad died in the original timeline, and the writers did a service to themselves by making us wait.

After a season spent with Behrad, getting to know and love him, the audience has formed an emotional connection with him, reminding us that we don’t want to lose him either.

You know, if you make life bleak enough, people become so focused on survival they forget they can revolt.

Zari 1.0

And Zari 1.0 was not about to let her brother sacrifice himself for her again. It was her time to do the same for him.

But can’t they find some sort of loophole where they are allowed to coexist, with Zari 2.0 as well, and live happily ever after?

Watching the three of them interact was comedy gold, and the writers are missing out on an opportunity of creating more iconic scenes between the three siblings by making Zari 1.0 go back into the totem.

Zari 1.0 was not the only Legend we said goodbye to as Charlie decided to rejoin her band and a live a life apart from the Legends.

It turns out the title of the episode, “Swan Thong,” is more than just an allusion to the Sisqó song.

Charlie went through a whole rollercoaster of emotions and took us for a spin as well. At first, she wanted to save the Legends, and then, she wanted to save Lachesis.

It is true that a lot can happen in a few months, just look at the state of the world right now, but Charlie’s change of character was a bit hard to believe since we did not see her go through that transformation.

Thankfully, her new opinions on free will did not stick very long and Lita was there to knock some sense into her.

Charlie really has been through a lot since the Crisis brought back her dreaded Loom and she was reunited with her awful sisters.

It makes sense as to why she is ready to leave the Legend life behind her. And, as it has been a tradition on the show since it premiered, once a character finds what they are looking for, they leave the Waverider.

Charlie definitely found the closure she has been searching for since the Legends took her in. She was a part of something bigger than herself, and she forgave Lachesis for her incessant need to have control.

Sara: Sometimes a mistake is really just destiny.
Charlie: What, you learn that being a Paragon?
Sara: No, I learned that being a person.

Lachesis and Atropos loomed over Charlie’s life ever since she broke ties with them, and now with Atropos dead and Lachesis human, she can move on.

Charlie will be missed of course, but it does truly feel like her story has come full circle, especially since we first saw her as a punk rocker and her singing in her band is where we will last see her.

With Atropos dead, Sara can now see again but is powerless.

Apparently, Sara gained her powers from Atropos when the god revealed her true form to the Paragon, and since Atropos gave her her power, she took it away when she was killed.

Zari 1.0: Yeah, well, our ride is still very much MIA, so don’t destroy the Loom until we find the ship.
Zari 2.0: She has a weird voice, right?

I am sure we are all happy that Sara has her sight back, but taking away her new power felt premature since she was just getting used to it. It was also a great development for her character, bringing a new depth to her.

She is already a fantastic warrior and an amazing leader, but having a power brings her to another level of being a superhero.

And Sara definitely could have used the power of foresight as she and the Legends were leaving the bar on the final scene of the episode.

It was implied that aliens would be the subject of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6, but we got a tease of what’s to come when Sara was abducted, assumingly, by aliens.

It’s always Sara that bad things happen to, isn’t it? She has died a million times, gone blind, lost loved ones, and the list goes on and on.

Let’s just hope that Sara’s abduction doesn’t mean that she will be separated from the rest of the Legends for a large portion of the next season.

Ava: What’s the “Thong Song?”
Nate: Seriously?
Ava: “She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck. Baby move your butt, butt, butt.”
Nate: “I think I’ll sing it again!” Man, screw the Fates. That is a spring break classic!

But if Sara’s relationship with Ava has proven anything, it’s that they will both go to the ends of the Earth and beyond to save one another.

And you better bet that Ava is going to do whatever it takes to save her girl.

What did you think DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Fanatics?

Are you sad that both Zari 1.0 and Charlie left the Legends? Should Sara still have her power?

And how do you feel about aliens?

Let me know in the comments and do not forget that you can watch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow online right here via TV Fanatic!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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