DJ Akademiks says Drake and Kendrick Lamar lied in their rap feud


DJ Akademiks has accused Drake and Kendrick Lamar of lying in their rap battle – but said he doesn’t know where the lie about a secret daughter came from.

Back in March, Lamar ignited the now infamous feud between him and Drake when he called the Canadian out on ‘Like That’ – a song from Metro Boomin and Future’s debut joint record ‘We Don’t Trust You’. Drake replied with ‘Push Ups’ two weeks later, engaging in a rap battle with the Compton native. They sent shots back and forth on various diss tracks.

Lamar alleged that Drake has a secret daughter in the chilling ‘Meet The Grahams’. The latter rebutted on ‘The Heart, Part 6’, claiming that he fed Lamar lies to use in his diss tracks aimed at him, rapping: “We plotted for a week and we fed you the information / A daughter that’s 11 years old, I bet he takes it.”

During a Rumble livestream last weekend, Akademiks accused both Drake and Lamar of “putting their fair share of lies” on their respective diss tracks. “Drake doesn’t have a kid, Kendrick lied,” he reasoned. “Kendrick’s kid isn’t Dave Free’s, Drake lied. So there’s lies all in this.”

In addition, Akademiks told his viewers that he believes Drake “knew” about the stolen items in the photo used by K Dot for the artwork for ‘Meet the Grahams’.

“Drake did know that they were stolen. So, I don’t know if he’s trying to reverse psychology it and say, ‘Well, now I know it’s stolen and I know what you have. I’m going to play off of it,’” Akademiks said, explaining what information he thinks the rapper gave Lamar.

He continued: “When Drake said he set it up, I’m taking that to be the 11-year-old daughter thing because from everybody I’ve talked to including Drake, we can’t even see where this came from and Kendrick said it so definitively in what was supposed to be his biggest song. That was supposed to be the biggest exposé.”

He concluded: “That’s my theory: I believe the 11-year-old child thing by Drake was probably fed to Kendrick or planted: I don’t know how.”

Elsewhere, in an interview posted by the Art Of Dialogue, Atlanta rapper Coolee Bravo said he received $150,000 (£119,500) from Drake to share damaging information about Lamar. He then confessed that he gave false details about Lamar and Alford living in different states to Drake, which the latter used on ‘Family Matters’.

“I was like, ‘Oh, they stupid! Take the money. I’m a tell them a lie,’” he said. “I said, ‘Tell them [to] put a $50k on there and I’ll tell them where they at, and I told them that Kendrick still in fucking LA, still.”

He added: “‘Family [Matters]’ came out and we laughed. We [were] like, ‘That n****s stupid.’ So, while Drake was talking about bait, he didn’t even get nothing,” he concluded. “That’s why Kendrick said he came back with no receipts [on ‘6:16 in LA’]. Drake is stupid – I should have asked for $200,000.”

In other news, Drake’s mansion in Toronto (known as The Embassy) has been at the centre of controversy recently. First, one of Drake’s bodyguards was shot in a drive-by outside the residence. Days later, multiple men were detained by police for trespassing on the property. It isn’t clear whether or not wither incident has any relation to the ongoing feud.

Meanwhile, ‘Not Like Us’ has topped the Billboard Hot 100 weeks after earning the record for being the most-streamed rap song in one day on Spotify.

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