Editor Picks: The Global Best Podcasts/Webshows/Radio Shows Of 2020

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During these uncertain times of pandemics and isolation, solace comes in being thoroughly entertained at home. Our editors decided to make a list of the Global 50 Best  Podcasts/Webshows and Radio shows that are keeping us informed, and making sure that we do not go out of our minds. Fun ways to pass the time….Some of these shows are staples in homes across  America and the world, while others are creating such a buzz that they will be household names within a very short period of time. All of these shows bring something new and exciting to entertainment/news/politics/comedy/films/television and music. Check out these 50 choices, you will be glad you did….

The Global 50 Best Podcasts/Webshows/Radio Shows Of 2020

  1. “The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell” hosted by Jimmy Star and Ron Russell
  2. “The Joe Rogan Experience” hosted by Joe Rogan
  3. “Profiles with Mickey Burns” hosted by Mickey Burns
  4. “Radio Andy” hosted By Andy Cohen
  5. “The Adventures Of Pipeman” hosted by Dean K. Piper
  6. “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” hosted by Ryan Seacrest
  7. “Nights With Alice Cooper” hosted by Alice Cooper
  8. “Real Talk” (105.5 FM Florida) hosted by G-Love and Kenny Wilkerson
  9. “Billy Idol’s Live Transmissions on SiriusXM” Hosted by Billy Idol
  10. “The Tattness Podcast” hosted by Keith McCleary
  11. “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” hosted by Elvis Duran
  12.  “Leland Sklar YouTube” hosted by Leland Sklar
  13. “TRE (Talk Radio Europe)” produced by Wendy Kearney
  14. The Ron Burgundy Podcast hosted by Will Ferrell
  15. The Ben Shapiro Show hosted by Ben Shapiro
  16. The Dan Bongino Show hosted by Dan Bongino
  17. “Movie Reviews and More” hosted by Brian Sebastian
  18. “Deeper Than Music” hosted by Markivus Nious
  19. “Stuff You Should Know” hosted by Josh and Chuck
  20. “That Eric Alper” hosted by Eric Alper
  21. “Howard 100 and 101” hosted by Howard Stern
  22. “Stuff You Missed in History Class” hosted by Holly and Tracy
  23. “Coast to Coast” hosted by Howard Bloom
  24. “Oprah’s Book Club” hosted by Oprah Winfrey
  25. “Suck It Podcast” hosted by Derek Hanjora
  26. “Smartless” hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett
  27. “Rock’N Talk Show” hosted by David Moss, Sheila Conlin and Think:Exp
  28. “Armchair Expert” with Dax Shepard
  29. “Rock Titan Live” hosted by Scotty J
  30. “Sandyland” hosted by Sandra Bernhard
  31. “The Big Rich Show” hosted by Rich Wheeler
  32. “It Was Said” hosted by Jon Meacham
  33. “Fcr247 Interviews hosted by Twizm Whyte Piece
  34. “The Dave Ramsey Show” hosted by Dave Ramsey
  35. “The Stoop” hosted by Jeff Porrini
  36. “The Leo Affects” hosted by Ray Rumsey
  37. “Supernatural” with Ashley Flowers
  38. “Smoked Meat Podcast” hosted by Brad Pittman
  39. “You Really Shouldn’t Have” hosted by James Warwick
  40. “The Mike Wagner Show” hosted by Mike Wagner
  41. “Meet Me For Coffee Podcast” hosted by George Panayi
  42. “Unscripted” hosted by Phillip Parker
  43. “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” Ears Edition hosted by Trevor Noah
  44. “Pandemic Cooking With Wendy” hosted by Wendy Stuart Kaplan
  45. “Freakin Awesome Podcast” hosted by Anthony Boese
  46. “Views” with David Dobrik and Jason Nash
  47. “Mea Culpa: Nothing But The Truth” hosted by Michael Cohen
  48. “The Adam Carolla Show” hosted by Adam Carolla
  49. “Artist’s Exposed” hosted by Tym Moss
  50. “The Charlie Kirk Show” hosted by Charlie Kirk

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