Halloween Kills Has the Most Violent Scene of Director David Gordon Green’s Career


It seems Michael Myers’ most violent days are ahead of him. This, according to director and co-writer David Gordon Green, who promises that Halloween Kills will feature the most violent scene of his career. So, at the very least, we are up for something more violent than in its 2018 predecessor. And, oddly enough in this case, more violent than anything in the 2008 stoner comedy, Pineapple Express.

David Gordon Green participated in an online watch party over the weekend for 2018’s Halloween. Green took over the Blumhouse Twitter account for the duration and provided insights during the movie. During the rather violent bathroom scene, in which Michael Myers brutally kills the two journalists looking to do a story on him, which includes the now-infamous teeth dropping bit, Green said it was the most violent scene he had directed since Pineapple Express. Before Halloween Kills, that is. Here’s what Green had to say.

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“This is the most violent scene I had directed since Pineapple Express, but then Halloween Kills…”

Even though Pineapple Express is a comedy there are some rather violent moments in it. The entire climax is a massive shootout that gets graphic at moments. So that is not a bad basis for comparison. Before stepping into this iconic franchise, David Gordon Green had largely been known for his comedic exploits, such as Your Highness and the HBO comedies Eastbound and Down and Vice Principals. To help add fuel to the fire, Andi Matichak, who plays Laurie Strode’s granddaughter Allyson, says that the upcoming sequel will provide new meaning to the word violence.

“Violence takes on a whole new meaning in Halloween Kills”

Unfortunately, neither of them shed any specific light on the scene in question but, given that very little has been revealed about the movie so far, it does make sense. In our interview earlier this year with co-writer Scott Teems, he described it as the “bigger, badder, meaner” version of the previous movie. Blumhouse Productions head Jason Blum also called it a “big movie” with a “very large” canvas. The common thread here seems to be that the filmmakers decided to go bigger on the sequel.

David Gordon Green confirmed during the watch party that they are still working on the trailer, as well as a release strategy for the movie, given what is going on in the industry right now. So we are going to have to wait at least a little bit longer to get a glimpse of this violence for ourselves. Though, Green did confirm that the sequel will be returning to the Myers house as something of a tease. Halloween Kills is currently scheduled to hit theaters on October 16. Another sequel, which will end this version of the franchise, Halloween Ends, is set to arrive on October 15, 2021. Be sure to check out the post from the official Blumhouse Twitter account.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb

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