Jamie Foxx Surprises 5-Year-Old Viral Car Jacker with a Lamborghini Ride


Jamie Foxx was able to surprise 5-year old Adrian Zamarripa, the viral car jacker, with a Lamborghini ride. Utah resident Zamarripa made headlines last week when he stole the family SUV in an attempt to reach California to buy a Lamborghini with $3 in his pocket. The 5-year old was pulled over on the freeway when highway patrol noticed that the car was swerving. The officers who pulled the car over were shocked to see that Zamarripa was only in kindergarten. Zamarripa was able to make it three miles from his home, which is pretty impressive.

Celebrity car broker RD Whittington, who owns the luxury brand Wires Only, was one of the many people who enjoyed learning about Adrian Zamarripa’s determination to get his hands on a Lamborghini, so he decided to do something about it. Whittington flew the 5-year old and his mother out to Malibu and took them out for rides in Lambos and Hummers, even letting Zamarripa rev the engine before heading over to Jamie Foxx’s house for a surprise visit.

Jamie Foxx hung out with Adrian Zamarripa and cracked some jokes, while also Facetiming with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and rapper Lil’ Pump. However, the visit wasn’t all fun and games. Foxx and RD Whittington warned Zamarripa about his actions and lectured the boy about safety behind the wheel. The boy is incredibly lucky that his joyride from last week did not harm anyone or himself and this is something that was stressed during his visit to California. While they discussed automobile safety, they most definitely were not practicing safe social distancing skills or wearing protective masks either.

Adrian Zamarripa is still being punished, according to his mother. Law enforcement has decided not to press charges of neglect or child endangerment, since there is no evidence to support those charges. It’s still unclear as to how Zamarripa knew how to drive the SUV in the first place. He was able to get three miles from his house by sitting on the edge of the driver’s seat, correctly working both the accelerator and the brake without very much trouble.

RD Whittington reportedly gave Adrian Zamarripa’s mother a vehicle, but it is unclear what the make and model of the car is. Both Whittington and Jamie Foxx made the 5-year old promise to stay in school and not get behind the wheel of a car again until he receives his drivers license. It’s also unclear how Adrian is being punished, but one can imagine he is at the very least grounded, except for his free trip out to California, which pretty much justifies his behavior.

Whatever the case may be, it seems the 5-year old car jacker may have learned a lesson. It’s just not clear what that lesson is. TMZ was the first to report on the Jamie Foxx Lambo fun.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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