Jennifer Lopez Appears to Wear Ben Affleck’s Button-Down Flannel Shirt in Public This Week


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s on-again relationship has made it 2002 all over again (and no one is complaining). In fact, if you take a look at a headline, like, say, this one from The Daily Mail, and you see Lopez in what has been identified as Affleck’s flannel shirt, you might check TV Guide and make sure Friends isn’t coming out with new episodes.

But no! It is 2021, Bennifer is a thing once more, and Lopez was seen wearing what Us Weekly says Affleck has been seen wearing in public several times in the past three years.

The rekindled relationship, which the couple officially called off in 2004, has come as a bit of surprise celebrity news following Affleck’s breakup with actress Ana de Armas and Lopez’s split with Alex Rodriguez.

The two are now apparently planning to live closer to each other; Lopez is moving from Miami to Los Angeles, where Affleck lives.

A source told E! that Lopez will actually be bicoastal this summer.

“She will be between L.A. and the Hamptons this summer, but L.A. will be her base, the source said. “She is looking at schools for her kids in the fall. She is excited about a fresh start and pursuing things with Ben. They will be at their L.A. home soon.”

Also, we can reportedly believe that this thing is, indeed, very serious and very real. A source told Entertainment Tonight that Lopez and Affleck have been talking about, well, everything.

“[They have] talked about the past and why things didn’t work out. They are both hopeful about their relationship this time around and putting the effort in. They have both matured and are on the same page and it has been easy.”

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