New Angry Asian Murder Hornets Trailer Brings the Sting That Kills


A new trailer for Angry Asian Murder Hornets has dropped, and it’s exactly what you’d think. A gloriously gory B Movie that sets out to capitalize on current events while scaring the world into staying indoors forever. This is our second look at the quickly shot and edited movie, which arrives only mere weeks after first reports of Murder Hornets arriving in the States hit the news. We also have a glorious new poster to go along with this latest footage, which appears to have been shot on an old inner tube and stapled together on the fly.

In March of 2020, the “Murder Hornet” arrived in the United States. Since 2001, there have been hundreds of deaths due to their venomous sting. The following could be a true story…

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The creators of 5G Zombies unleash Angry Asian Murder Hornets with this latest trailer and first poster. Director Dustin Ferguson (aka Dark Infinity) and Assistant Director Erik Anthony Russo team up to unleash Angry Asian Murder Hornets to DVD and VOD on June 1st from SCS Entertainment.

The film is currently wrapping production in Los Angeles, with Shawn C. Phillips (Chillerama), Sheri Davis (Axegrinder 2), John R. Walker (Ouijageist) and Jarad Allen (Axed To Pieces) in starring roles.

The plot involves a fictional invasion of giant, mutated Murder Hornets in Southern California, and it’s up to the local Anthropologist to find a way to destroy them before it’s too late, in this modern throwback to the 1950’s era giant critter flicks. The film will be available to purchase on DVD on June 1st at the webstore

If you are wondering how they shot and edited this cinematic masterpiece in the span of a few weeks, the team’s work on the recent release 5G Zombies should be some indication. That movie used footage shot by actors following social distancing guidelines, which was then mixed in with footage from an old zombie movie creating a new voice over, essentially delivering an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on the cheap.

Murder Hornets were first reported in the United States in early May, as most of America was still under lockdown from the current ongoing health crisis. The two-inch insect is known for killing over 50 people a year in Japan, and they could decimate the U.S. bee population if they grow out of control. So this isn’t really too much of a laughing matter. That hasn’t stopped Dark Infinity from using it as fodder to fuel his latest cinematic madness and unleashing a cautionary tale on the world.

You can check out the original trailer along with the poster artwork, which arrives direct from SolCal Cinema. This doesn’t look like an Oscar winner, but it’s sure to bring a little cheesy fun into this otherwise gloomy summer we’re facing.

Angry Asian Murder Hornets Poster
Angry Asian Murder Hornets DVD cover art
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb

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