Nicolas Cage Has Been Hiding in Cleveland Indians Graphics and Nobody Noticed


It turns out that the Cleveland Indians are particularly big fans of Nicolas Cage, as the professional baseball team has been secretly inserting the Hollywood actor’s face into dozens of their official lineup graphics… and not one person seemed to notice. This week on Twitter, the Major League Baseball team tweeted that they discreetly hid images of Cage into 39 separate lineup graphics throughout 2019, and perhaps the Indians finally got tired of waiting for somebody to find them. “We snuck it by you! You didn’t even notice! It’s our greatest treasure,” the team says in the tweet, which you can take a peek at below.

Also in the tweet is an example of one of the 39 times the Cleveland Indians had pulled this stunt. The primary focus of the image is the list of players along with their positions, though starting pitcher Mike Clevinger can also be seen preparing for a pitch in the background. For all intents and purposes, it appears to be nothing more than your standard MLB team lineup graphic, but looking closely at the tattoos reveals something most peculiar. Right in the center of the sunflower artwork on Clevinger’s forearm is a photo of Cage’s face, beaming right back at you with his trademark Hollywood smile.

“Go on a scavenger hunt if you please. We will send master hunters a letter of congratulations,” the Cleveland Indians team also states in their tweet. Now, a lot of baseball fans are doing a deep dive into all of the graphics released by the team last year with the hopes of finding all 39 of the hidden Nicolas Cage faces. Because there are a lot of people on social media with plenty of time on their hands, some folks have been finding the other secret Nicolas Cage Easter eggs already. If you look below, you’ll see another tweet from the Indians of their starting lineup from September 2019 with Cage peeking out from another player’s shirt.

Hidden or not, photos of Cage are always a delight to see, but for those looking to see him back in movies soon, there’s plenty of titles to look forward to. An actor who’s developed a reputation as someone unable to ever turn down a role, Cage has some pretty bizarre projects on the horizon. This includes starring in the upcoming horror movie Wally’s Wonderland about killer animatronics that come to life at a theme park. Cage will also portray incarcerated reality TV star Joe Exotic in a scripted adaptation of the Tiger King story. Perhaps what people are most excited for, however, is the upcoming National Treasure sequel which is reportedly in development for a 2022 release.

If you’re bored, hop on over to Twitter and start digging through all of the Cleveland Indians’ imagery from the past year. Perhaps you didn’t start the day thinking you’d end it with a Nicolas Cage scavenger hunt through images of the Cleveland Indians, but given how crazy this year has been already, there’s not really much of anything that seems weird anymore. This news comes to us from the Cleveland Indians on Twitter.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb

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