NOS4A2 Season 2: Character Insight from the Showrunner and Stars!


When NOS4A2 returns later this month, it’s going to be very familiar but look very different.

That’s because when we meet them again, the people we’ve come to know are in a much different place after an eight-year time jump.

We’ve got a whole lot of information at our fingertips to share with you, and a groovy video that helps prepare you for what’s to come.

NOS4A2 Season 2 Wide Poster

Jami O’Brien, Executive Producer/Showrunner, says, “What’s great about the eight-year time jump is it allows us to pick our characters up in a different space, so reinvent them, in a way.

“We’re picking up damaged adults trying to, kind of, find their way through after an encounter with Charlie Manx as opposed to bright-eyed bushy-tailed teenagers, who we had last season.”

Ashley Cummings, who (still) plays protaganist Vic McQueen, puts it more bluntly. “Season 2 Vic, you meet her shaked up with Lou in a double-wide in Gunbarrell, Colorado.”

If you recall how NOS4A2 Season 1 ended, then it won’t be surprising to see Vic’s son, Bruce Wayne McQueen.

Lou and Wayne

That gives Vic a new purpose in life, and it also means that Manx’s current state is of the utmost importance to Vic as she has someone she loves greater than she ever imagined could fall under his influence if he pulls through.

That doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows, though. In fact, Vic is struggling, and her instincts for motherhood aren’t all that great after being broken by Manx.

Thankfully, she has Lou (Jonathan Langdon) to support her and Wayne.

Langdon says, “Eight years later, [Lou] is still in awe that Vic would even look his way, yet he’s in a relationship with her.”

Dead Manx

“He wants to keep this family together,” Langdon continued, “and he’s willing to overlook things” but, “there are issues that are being dealt with.”

It sure sounds like rough going for the new family even with Manx down for the count.

Vic needs to address deep-seated issues that she suffered from long before Charlie Manx entered her life.

As for Zachary Qunito’s Manx, he’s not someone who believed his life could ever be in jeopardy, let alone that he could die.

Millie Manx

The video below gives you a good reference of where Manx is and how we get more insight into how he became the monster we know now as well as his relationship with his daughter, Millie (Mattea Conforti).

Olafur Darri Olafsson, who plays Bing Partridge, says, although current events will shock him, his faith in Manx will be unwavering.

And expect more from Maggie, too. Jahkara Smith says she’s going to get the roots she’s desperately been looking for in Tabitha (Ashley Romans).

Watch the video in its entirety below to get a great preview of NOS4A2 Season 2, premiering on Sunday, June 21 at 10/9c on AMC and simulcast on BBC America.

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