Super Nintendo World Aerial Photo Reveals Entire Layout of New Theme Park


Super Nintendo World is nearing completion. A newly leaked image shows the entire layout of the expansive new addition to Universal Japan. Theme parks all over the world are starting to open their doors again after shutting down at the beginning of the year. Social distancing is a main component of the reopening process, along with other guidelines to ensure the safety of visitors. When looking at the new image of Super Nintendo World, social distancing shouldn’t be a problem due to the massive scale of the operation.

It appears that Universal Japan has done the unthinkable and brought one of the most iconic video game franchises to life with Super Nintendo World. The newly leaked image provides an aerial view of the park, which appears to either be complete, or very close to being finished. Even from the aerial view, everything is clear and visible, from Peach’s castle to Bowser’s castle and everything in between. The new addition to Universal Japan will truly be an immersive experience. However, since it’s in Japan, visitors will not be allowed to yell or scream while on any of the rides for the time being.

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When the park was first announced, Universal Japan released an official promotional video for Super Nintendo World. However, the focus wasn’t really on the park itself, it mostly showed actors inside a computer generated Nintendo world with Mario running around. While the video is certainly exciting, it doesn’t give a real look at the park like the aforementioned aerial image does. The promo video also gives an idea of how the final designs came to life.

As for other park details, Super Nintendo World will feature a wrist band system that invites visitors to interact with their surroundings, There are challenges located all over the park, which includes the rides and the surrounding locations. It is unclear at this time what other surprises will be waiting for visitors, but it already sounds like a Nintendo lover’s dream come true. As for when the park will open its doors to the public, that is unclear at the moment, but a summer debut doesn’t sound out of the question at this time.

Universal Japan previously announced a 2020 opening date for Super Nintendo World. However, due to the world’s current state of affairs, construction was halted for a time, which means there could be a significant delay. Universal Orlando has just announced that they will open their doors to the public again starting on June 5th, while Disney World will wait until July 11th to open. It has not been announced when the California Disneyland will open its doors again, though an announcement is expected soon. For now, you can check out the aerial view of Super Nintendo World below, thanks to the ThemeParkXR website.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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