The Converse x Carhartt WIP Collab Looks Like It Will Ghost You


Just when you thought that dating in quarantine would at least free us from the world of ghosting, a sneaker collab dropped early this morning like an unprompted 2 AM text. Launching today, Converse teamed up with Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP) for a pair of messy sneakers that are out here to undo all of the work you did in therapy. Eventually you’ll end up with a nice pair of loafers or reliable running shoes, but these Chuck 70s are like that twenty-something fling we all fondly remember, even if they did leave us on read.

The anti-hype fashion giants, both universally loved by those who live in whatever the BedStuy is of any major city, created a pair of kicks that appear to lack both arch support and emotional maturity.

If the sound of a skateboard rolling down the pavement instantly makes you turn your head, you’re in for a bad time because these shoes will:

  • have extreme opinions about the early work of Jean-Luc Goddard.
  • exclusively order a Tecate with a shot.
  • either sleep on a floor mattress or own a loft apartment tastefully decorated in Chandigarh chairs and a signed Alexander Calder lithograph.
  • say “ethically non-monogamy,” when it means “commitment issues.”
  • have worked as a photographer at some point in its life.
  • pretend to not understand what gaslighting is.

    Made using upcycled Carhartt fabric, these sneakers are part of Converse’s ongoing Renew program committed to reclaiming materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Unlike the last several men you’ve dated, no two pairs of the Converse x Carhartt WIP sneakers are the same: the collection was made of 1,000 pre-worn canvas Carhartt work jackets, trousers and overalls sourced by Beyond Retro, a vintage shop based in London, England.

    Even the campaign photos exhibit a disembodied human, shot calf-down, wearing paint-splattered carpenter jeans. Is this person an actual painter? Are these designer jeans from a brand you “probably haven’t heard of yet.” Will these inanimate sneakers invite me to a show and then spend the whole night pretending they don’t see me?

    converse carhartt


    These Converse x Carharrt WIP sneakers are playing hard to get and have already sold out, so cross your fingers and lurk StockX or Grailed to locate a pair for yourself.

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