The Resident Season 5 Teaser: Will Nic’s Farewell Be a Tragic One?!


Oh, how we’ve missed you, Resident Fanatics!

And we’ve certainly missed The Resident and following around Conrad and the rest of the Chastain crew.

Fortunately, we’re only less than a month away from the premiere of The Resident Season 5, and to hold us over, they dropped a teaser that gives us a first look at what to expect, but the excitement comes with a dose of grief.

And The Resident is returning guns ablaze.

When we last saw things, Chastain lost a coveted member of their family when Mina returned to Nigeria.

We also got newcomers Billie and Leela (who, to our delight, has been upped to a series regular) into the mix.

The latter’s sexual tension with Devon spilling into a sexy romp at his apartment.

And, of course, CoNic was in some form of domestic bliss with their sweet baby girl, whom Conrad is obsessed with as he embodies that of a Girl Dad. But how long will that last?

Chastain underwent some changes beyond that of new faces arriving and old ones leaving. Conrad earned the spot of Chief Resident at the hospital.

Our beloved Kit is now the Chief of the hospital, and Chastain has gone public, the repercussions of that still being something the gang will have to adapt to in the upcoming season.

And thanks to a miracle Sickle Cell drug that saved Rose, Chastain has gone from constantly battling Big Pharma to begrudgingly calling a truce and forming an alliance with them.

The logline for the fifth season is “Healing starts within,” and the key art has our lead, bowed over, back to us in an operating room. The implications suggest that there will be some demons to face and obstacles to overcome for this hot shot of Chastain. But could his biggest fight yet be the loss of Nic?

With news breaking that Emily VanCamp has exited the series after four seasons, fans are both reeling from the loss and expecting the worst.

Of all the ways they could write out Nic Nevin, the only one that makes sense is also the most devastating. After her life was in peril while pregnant and a risky delivery, there’s a chance that she was fated to die.

And this will be a loss like no other. We are not prepared to find out what Chastain and The Resident will be like without our favorite nurse.

From what we know, the Chastain crew will keep fighting to save their patients and fight corruption in the system, but they’ll be doing it through their recent connection with Big Pharma, specifically the new partners behind the miracle drug.

The season will see some relationships tested and new ones forming. It’ll also explore a Medicare fraud scheme that will rock Chastain and shake things up.

We can definitely expect some big changes at Chastain, and it’s no shortage of shocking moments if the teaser is any indication.

For one, is Chastain going to get hacked?

It looks like they’ll face something of that nature when the equipment is on the fritz, and everyone is stressed, and patients are facing the consequences.

We even overhear Kit stating that if they don’t pay, people will die.

Conrad and Nic’s home life seemed to be perfect, and from the looks of matters, we can expect a bit of a time jump since Baby CoNic is standing up in her crib these days.

But the biggest jaw-dropper of the 40-second clip is when Conrad opens the door, with baby in hand, to police asking for him.

And therein fuels the speculation that Nic must’ve gotten into some tragic accident, and the cops are delivering the horrible news to Conrad. WE ARE NOT OKAY!

Apparently, it’s not a season of The Resident unless more than one of our faves finds themself in some type of peril. We may lose Nic, but we also catch a glimpse of another fan favorite hitting the floor.

Devon is down. I repeat, Devon is down!

Check out the teaser below and hit the comments with your reactions!

The Resident returns with all-new episodes on September 21 at 8/7c on FOX.

Until then, relive the season when you watch The Resident online here via TV Fanatic, and check out our The Resident Reviews and The Resident Round Tables, too!

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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