Universal Is Reportedly Pushing Ahead with Wolfman Starring Ryan Gosling


This year, Universal rebooted its monster universe with Invisible Man, starring Elisabeth Moss, and is going to keep going with Wolfman, starring Ryan Gosling.

Per Variety, the studio has been meeting with directors over the past month and should land on a name soon. Corey Finley, who directed HBO’s Bad Education with Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney is reportedly under consideration for the job. There isn’t much information out there yet about the film, but it’s reportedly going to be done in the style of the 2014 Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

When Universal released The Mummy in 2017, the movie flopped and thwarted the studio’s plan to kick off an interconnected cinematic monster universe. Now, that requirement has been dropped, and Universal is giving full reign to filmmakers to create their own unique stories. Per Variety, John Krasinski, James Wan, and Paul Feig have pitched the characters and stories they want to take on. Those who have insight into the new Universal plan say that the studio hopes other movies do as well as The Invisible Man, which cost $7 million to make and made $122 million at the box office.

“That Universal changed up its plans so quickly is a huge testament to their non-monolithic way of dealing with it,” Paul Dergarabedian, a senior media analyst with Comscore, told Variety. “They course-corrected, and it paid off big.”

More upcoming movies in the Universal lineup include Elizabeth Banks’ Invisible Woman, Dexter Fletcher’s Renfield, and Karyn Kusama’s Dracula.

Timing for Wolfman is not confirmed; an exact production date is also not yet on the books. Gosling is also apparently set to star in an MGM adaptation of The Martian, a novel by Andy Weir.

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